The Future of this Website

The Tower Revisited website has been running for almost 18 years.  I started a simple website in June 2003 to publicise the first Trinity Tower Reunion held in October that year, and with a small collection of photos and memories.  After that reunion, so many people asked me to make the website permanent that in late December 2003, the new website was started.  It grew rapidly and now has thousands of images and over 2,000 pages of information.  There is a lot to read!

The Anniversary Cake 
A cake at the Trinity Tower Reunion in 2007celebrating 50 years of the Tower
A bus trip to the school in 2007 
The website is sadly coming to the end of its life.  It will stop operating on 30th November this year. 

It has a major problem.  It is running on very old technology.  The software that I need to modify it is obsolete, and will not run on my current computer, and there is no suitable alternative software available.  I have to use an older computer to modify the website, and when that one dies, I will have a problem.  I already have a problem when I am not at home - I am hardly going to take two laptops away with me!  The current contract for hosting the website ends in mid-December, and the domain name needs renewing at the same time, so it seems like a good time to stop.

I could convert it to new technology.  I have done that once before for another smaller website.  It cannot be done automatically, so every page has to be rebuilt, with the text copied in to the new website, the images re-inserted, new menus set-up and so on.  Based on the one I did before, I think this website would take about 10 - 12 weeks working full time to do it.  I don't have that time.

There are other issues.  There is now very little new material.  Last week I had 6 new items in the space of a few days, but that is rare, usually it is one every couple of months.  I think the majority of the material about Trinity has already been found and added.  The most activity is around the time of a Reunion, but we can still organise those via Facebook and e-mail.

It is hard to remember that when this website was launched Facebook had not started and there were no smart phones.  Facebook has  grown dramatically, and although it has recently been losing popularity, it is still a good medium.  There are two Facebook Groups for Trinity, the Trinity High Group, which I run and covers the period before the school went Comprehensive in 1974, and which currently has 460 members, and the Trinity Upper School group, run by Karen Davis, which has 1,560 members for those who went to the school after 1974. These groups offer a better way of organising events and generating discussion.  I will continue to run the Trinity High Group, and Karen will do the same for the Trinity Upper School Group.  If you are not already a member of either group (or both) then you can find the Trinity High Group [here] and the Trinity Upper School Group [here].

School staff in 1975 
It would be a great shame to lose all of the memories that are on the website.  The Facebook groups have quite a lot of photos, but they are not so easy to find and they do not have the memories, and other history that is on this website, and the number of photos is small by comparison.  

Later on this year, I will make a lot of changes to the website so that it can be stored and run on your own device.  From a date in December, the latest version of the website will be available for you to download on to your own computer or device, or if you cannot download it, I will make it available on a memory stick for the cost of making them and postage (probably around £3.50 in total).  That assumes that most people download the site, as I would only make a small quantity of memory sticks.  The download option will be available for at least 6 months.  It will be possible to put it on to a computer/laptop or a tablet/iPad.  It is too big to put on a mobile phone, and the pages are not configured to run well on a phone.  Some sections will not be available on this archive version, to simplify it a little.  I will tell you well in advance which bits will not be available, so that you can take another look if you wish before they disappear.   

This is very early notice, so that people who will not want to download the material, can take the opportunity over the next few months to look at the memories again before they disappear, and of course, if you would like to keep your own copy of any photos, then you can click on the photo and download it yourself.   The website will continue to run until 30th November.

I will miss running this website.  It has taken quite a lot of my time over the last 18 years, but it has been very satisfying to build up a history of the school and I got a lot of pleasure from it.  I still get comments from people saying how much they enjoy it, even after all this time.  I would also like to thank the many contributors, some of whom have given the website a lot of material.  I will say more about them later in the year.  

Ian Dow
22nd February 2021
The Tower Revisited  - The website for former Pupils of the Technical High School, Trinity High School & Trinity Grammar School, Northampton