James Rooke, brother of well-known former pupil and teacher, Dennis, has passed away.  Jim was a pupil at Trinity from 1960 - 1965.  His funeral will be in Northampton at the Counties Crematorium on Tuesday the 2nd April at 11:45 for anyone who would like to attend.   17th Mar
Mike Edmunds found a cutting from the C&E of the Northampton Schools Drama Festival in 1964 which Trinity entered. 12th Feb
Pauline Ambridge (now Thomas) added to the 1958 School Photo 14th Jan
Geoff Winckles added to the 1952 school photo 29th Dec
An update on David Baker 24th Nov
Mike Edmunds has a fully restored Northampton bus.  He kindly took the Class of 63 Reunion on a tour of the town last July.  He has a copy of an article, written by John Child, celebrating the successful restoration project and featuring photos from the Annual Trinity Tower Reunion in 2006, which also included a trip on this bus.  It has been added here. 24th Nov
The first Annual Trinity Tower Reunion  was held in 2003.  It was organised by John Child, John Ingham and Ian Dow after a lunch of the 3 couples in March 2003.   The 3 couples met up for lunch again yesterday, the first time for ages.  Have they aged since 2003?  I think so. 24th Nov
A mini Reunion for the class of 62.  Those pupils who finished the fifth form in June 1962 31st Oct
Bob Sanders had a copy of a book written by "Pip" Harris - Northamptonshire Its Land and People.  A few pages has been added here, and the original will be in the Archive run by John Atkinson in Northampton 25th Aug
Rita Humber (Phillips now) brought along some photos from the 60's to the Mini Reunion.  They are now on the website 7th Aug
The Class of 63 Mini Reunion took place today.  The report and photos are now available 24th Jul
A popular member of the Class of 66, Brian Richardson has died on Tuesday 3rd July after a brief battle with cancer, following an operation on a brain tumor.     9th Jul
A mini Reunion has been organised for the Class of 68Tony Drake has organised a reunion for the Class of 68 on 13th October 2018.  Details have been added 10th May
Section added for Reunions in 2018 and details of the Class of 63 Reunion in July 27th Apr