A mini Reunion for the class of 62.  Those pupils who finished the fifth form in June 1962 31st Oct
Bob Sanders had a copy of a book written by "Pip" Harris - Northamptonshire Its Land and People.  A few pages has been added here, and the original will be in the Archive run by John Atkinson in Northampton 25th Aug
Rita Humber (Phillips now) brought along some photos from the 60's to the Mini Reunion.  They are now on the website 7th Aug
The Class of 63 Mini Reunion took place today.  The report and photos are now available 24th Jul
A popular member of the Class of 66, Brian Richardson has died on Tuesday 3rd July after a brief battle with cancer, following an operation on a brain tumor.     9th Jul
A mini Reunion has been organised for the Class of 68Tony Drake has organised a reunion for the Class of 68 on 13th October 2018.  Details have been added 10th May
Section added for Reunions in 2018 and details of the Class of 63 Reunion in July 27th Apr
An update on David Baker  8th Apr
Gerald Pearce spotted a sad item.  Former pupil and then teacher Ed Winkworth has died.  He was a pupil in the class of 62 and then became a teacher.  The notice in the East Anglian Daily Times read:

WINKWORTH EDWIN JOHN Died peacefully on Thursday, January 25, 2018, aged 71 years. A dearly loved husband, devoted father and grandfather. A memorial service for Ed was held on Tuesday February 6, 2018 at St. Peter's Church, Charsfield.
Geoff Winckles is new to this website and has added some further comments about teachers in 50's & 60's 22nd Mar
Geoff Winckles  has added an item on a School Journey to Bexhill in 1956 22nd Mar
Two sets of memories of teachers from the 50's & 60's from Jenny Knight and Patrick Whitehead 21st Feb
Sad to report that Jill Rooke (Jill Dyer at school) has passed away.  Our deepest sympathies go to Dennis and the family. 20th Feb
Minor change to Teacher Index, thanks to Jenny Knight.  Mr D Houghton  has been updated 20th Feb
A final comment from Sue Longworth, Volunteer Archivist at Northampton General Hospital on the 1970 Photo 12th Feb
The item below on the presentation of medical equipment in 1970 has been updated with new information provided via e-mail and the Facebook Group by former pupils, thank you. 10th Feb
The volunteer Archivist at Northampton General Hospital came across a photo this week.  It shows a presentation of medical equipment in 1970.  In the photo is Pip Harris, a consultant from the hospital and a nurse.  Was the nurse selected because she was a former pupil?  Do you recognise her?  She would have left Trinity in the mid-60's.  8th Feb
There has always been a link at the top right of this website to take you to Facebook Group Trinity High School Northampton.  That is a group primarily intended for people who attended the school up to the mid-70's.  There is actually two groups.  There is a second group called Trinity Upper School.  That group was intended for former pupils that went to the school from the mid-70's onward until the end in 2004.  That group is now run by Karen Davis and I agreed with Karen I would put a link on here to that group.  We discussed combining the groups, but decided for the time being to keep them both. 21st Jan
Wendy Fieldsend has identified herself and Lynne Taylor on the 1963 School Photo.  There are now 488 people identified on this photo 10th Dec
An update on David Baker 10th Dec
Derek Nash has sent in a group photo from the Class of 68 2nd Nov
Five more photos from Gordon Bromage from the Reunion 28th Oct
A further update on David Baker 28th Oct
Two more photos of the reunion sent in by Patricia Moore and Janet Brown 16th Oct
The Annual Reunion Trinity Tower took place on Saturday 14th October.  The photos and the report are now on the website. 15th Oct
An update on David Baker 15th Oct
Michael Swift has identified three new faces on the 1952 school photo.  Michael went to the school when it was in St George's Avenue 11th Oct
The last three photos from Alan Moore's 1963 photo album have been added 19th Sep
Some names added to the Swimming Gala photos from Janet Anderton (Facer) and Pauline Smith (White) 16th Sep
Alan Moore has provided more photos from his photo album for 1963.  These photos are from the Swimming Gala on the 17th July.  If you can identify any faces, then send them to me by e-mail or Facebook.  9th Sep
Adrian Wright has found two photos of Cricket teams in 1967.  The Under 14 team and the Mobbs Inter-house team 8th Sep
Alan Ryan has identified the last name on Alan Moore's Passport Photos 6th Sep
Rosie Clark has added a message on the InfoDesk to Francois Chevalier about Hamish Little former history teacher 3rd Sep
An update on David Baker 24th Aug
This is the last of Alan Moore's current batch of pictures from 1963.  This time there are 8 photos of the School Cross Country Run on 19th March 1963. 18th Aug
Two more photos from Alan Moore's Photo Album 17th Aug
Another three photos from Alan Moore's Photo album.  These are from the Photographic Club - a Passport Photo Practice session 15th Aug
Some more photos from Alan Moore.  This time, they were all taken on the 16th January 1963.  It had been snowing outside and there are views from the Tower, plus one taken in the Chemistry lab.  More to come over the next few days. 13th Aug
Alan Moore has sent another 13 photos from the 1963 Sports Day.  They are now all on the page in Pupil Memories.  Click on the image to move on to the next one.  Alan has sent more photos of school, all taken in the 60's.  These will be added in the next few days. 11th Aug
An action photo of the 1963 School Sports Day taken by Alan Moore in Pupil Memories 5th Aug
Mary Evans (now Kelly) was extremely sad when she recently found that her good friend at school, Lynne Robinson has died.  She has written an item for In Memory. 10th Jul
John Atkinson sent in two photos of former pupils in later life 11th Jun
Ron Johnson has sent in a recording from a Radio show in Northampton in the 60's.  It features a request from Davina Seck (Trinity 1958 - 1964), and then the start of a track from Mal & the Primitives. 2th April
Suzanne Croft (formerly de la Mare and Douglas) has sent an In Memory about her brother Paul de la Mare who was at Trinity from 1966 to 1971.  29th Mar
Mary Kelly has been an inspiration that has pushed me on each year to run our Annual Reunion.  She also organises reunions herself - the biennial gathering of the Kelly Clan.  This year's gathering is on 19-20th May.  See the Poster   

She has also written an item for Family Tree magazine about organising such an event. 
13th Mar