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Is there a name that you just can't remember? 
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Chris James has a question about Trousers

Chris says:  I was at THS from 1963 - 1966 and in the earlier years Beatle haircuts and “drain pipe” trousers were against the rule, the limit on trousers was that the bottom of the legs shouldn’t be less than 14” so how did the school rules respond when flares/bell bottoms became the in-thing? New rule?

School Productions in the late 60's

Mike Edmunds has some memories of school productions, which he cannot fully recall.  He is asking for some help:   Hello! Here is something that has been bothering me for a while!  

I was in two school plays during my time at Trinity (I am Year of 1966) but can find no mention of them on the Tower Revisited site.   (Sincere apologies if they are mentioned and I have failed to spot them!)  

At least one of these plays was produced by 'Jock' Meldrum.  

All I remember of the first is that I was 'Debtor 2' (or even 'Debtor 1'!) and the two of us were on stage as the curtain rose at the beginning of the first Act, digging a hole.  

Of the second play, I clearly remember only one part of a scene.  You will understand why it is that part !  It involved me walking backwards, centre stage,  to collide gracefully with the rear of the lovely Denise Moisey (now  Denise Gilbert)  who was also walking backwards!    

This was my cue to utter the only dialogue I can now remember: "Officer, these are the people I was telling you about . . . "          

 Does anyone remember the titles of these plays, the cast and plot?  Indeed anything about them?   

I need to know!  

Like to Make Contact

Harvey Knight was in the class of 62.  He would like to make contact with Ed Winkworth who started at the same time in 1957 and also with pupils who were in 6R in 1962/63 retaking their O'Levels Brian Betts, Pif King, Sukie, Graham Smith. 

Please contact and I will pass it on.

Gillian Horne

Stephen Johnson:  was at the school from 1988 to 91.  He would like to contact Gillian Horne and also teacher Mr Scrivener from 5SR

Mike Singleton

Kim Ribbans asks:  I was at Trinity from 1969-76.  

Does anyone remember an English teacher called Mike Singleton? I remember him as a tall, probably Oxbridge type chap.  He was only there for one or two years. 72-74   He inspired me greatly with a love of literature and encouraged me to act, which I did in The Crucible and then professionally for a few years.  I can’t seem to find anyone who remembers him, or who might know his whereabouts now.

Does anyone have any information.

Thanks  Kim

Colin Tompkins says:  I'm in close contact with Stephen Meakin (art then music teacher) from the same era - he might know. 

Trying to Find Information on 1960's pupil D Mabel

Harry Elkan says:  I am trying to find some information about a former pupil D Mabel who I believe from the school yearbooks was in form 4C in 1966.

I am a long time colleague of his who served in the Army with him, during his time in the Army he was universally (and still is) known as Orph. I'd like to find anyone who knew him from his school days who can tell me how the nickname came into being.

Mr Wright

Linda Taylor asks:  Hi can anyone remember if Mr Wright was left handed?

Janet Anderton says:  I don't of course have the definitive answer to this, but I would like to hazard a guess that he probably wasn't left-handed.   My dad was in Gunner's class at Campbell Square Intermediate  in the late 1920's/ early 30's when Gunner was a young man 'courting' his future wife.  Gunner was something of "hero" to my dad simply because although my dad was very intelligent, he could never "get the better" of Gunner, or get the last word  because Gunner was always one step ahead!  

My brother was born in 1950 and is left-handed or "caggy-handed" as it was called in those days, and they were just coming out of a time when those who were left-handed were "encouraged" to try and write with their right hand.  I am pretty certain that my dad (who didn't miss much and had eyes like a hawk) would have encouraged my brother by telling him that Gunner was a left-hander too.

Bill Rich, who is also a left-hander came to the same conclusion.  Left-handers were a minority who tended to notice others.  He therefore feels that Gunner was right-handed.

Richard Pomeroy says:  Gunner Wright was definitely right handed. My most vivid memory of him is bent double in his office awaiting the dreaded 'whack'. I was on the desk side of the office facing the window overlooking the hall (well, facing the floor actually but head towards the window) and Gunner had his back to the office door in order to wield 'the stick'. The accuracy with which it landed within an inch (in old money) of the former stripe could only have been attained by a very well practised arm. I also had plenty of time to observe his careful (right) hand as he entered the details of my impeding doom in the punishment book on his desk.  

Yep... definitely right handed.


James Braddock says:  I attended the Technical High School from 1954 to 1959.

 I would be the first to admit that I was probably the worst behaved child in my class.  I was sent to '' Gunner '' Wright on numerous occasions for caning.  One day I was sent twice and he told me he was forbidden by law to cane the same boy twice in a day.  He gave me a stern warning and sent me back.  He also went through the whole book with me and said I was by far the worst boy in school and the most caned.

Incidentally I have never been in any sort of trouble since I left school and lived a quiet industrious life and still here to tell the tale. 

I would be extremely interested to see any records that you could send to me.

Thank you for your time and trouble,  James

Ian Dow says:  There are no official records prior to 1960.  Whether the rules changed then on the recording of information changed, or whether the old records got lost, I do not know. 

Does anybody else have any information?

George Foale

George Buthee says:  Does anyone remember George Foale?   I was a pupil from 1958 to 1963.  I remember George as a 6th former/prefect in the 60s but his widow knows nothing about his attendance at the school.  George was a tall lad;  6,1 – 6.2  with blond almost white hair.  If you remember George as a pupil at Trinity please let me know.  He died on the 1st April 2015.  He was not a pupil for long; perhaps only during his 6th years and probably studied engineering related Subjects.

Paul Wilcox says: I believe that George Foale was the same George Foale who was a manager at British Timken. There was certainly a George Foale who was a plant manager at both Duston and Daventry sites.

Please add your comments using the link above.

Dick Trasler

Colin Skears says:  Probably a bit late in the day but if Dick Trasler is interested, Dick Pomeroy (who surfaced 2 years back) is living in New Zealand and Market Harborough, when he can find the time to part his ass. P aul Boniface and I will be meeting Dick in Northampton on Tuesday April 28th and would be welcome if he wanted to say hello.   To contact Colin e-mail

Roger Smith's Reply to the Spring Newsletter

With Roger's permission, I have posted his response to the Spring Trinity Newsletter. 

Ian Thank you for your recent email.   Its good to know that there are enough alumni to keep the reunion activities running so many decades after we were all there.    As for myself, I'm afraid I have been living with motor neurone disease for the last three years:  I am now fully bedbound and on "borrowed time".
Diana and I still see Richard and Alison Halton occasionally but nowhere as often as we used to, because of limitations here.

I had been under the impression that the majority of past students would not know me anyway because they might have attended the school after I had left.   However, having read the caption attached to the photo of the school assembly, I was pleasantly surprised to read the names of Mary Felce and Mary Finch.  Mary Finch, in particular, and Beverley Andrews used to spend most of the break time and lunchtimes with myself and a few others from my form so, on the basis that they still may be around, together with some others perhaps, I would be happy for you to add this to the website.
I wish you and all fellow students from Trinity High a successful year.
Best Wishes

Roger Smith

Pat Collett (now Corrigan) Found Us

I have been very interested to read the TrinityHigh website and remember a few names, Linda Hutchins, Rita Humber, Dave Thorneycroft, Angela Peto.  I wonder what happened to Trevor England, Christine Harding, Arthur Smith......

I attended Trinity 6th form from 1963 to 1965 - yes, I was at the brilliant 'Goodbyee' assembly.  I am still in touch with Sandra Perrin who is married to John Thorpe - he was 2 years above us.  

I would be pleased to hear from anybody who remembers me and hopefully, I may remember them!

Many thanks Pat Collett (now Corrigan) living in Surrey, retired

Rita Humber (now Phillips) says: I’m Rita Humber now Phillips and remember Pat very well.  I’m now retired and living in Reading, been here since 1977.  I’m still in touch with Christine Harding (now Gardiner) but no-one else from our year.  I was at school from 1958- 65.  I would be happy to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Best wishes, Rita

Maureen Tarlton (now Kirby) says:  I remember Rita very well - she was very sporty.  Also remember her sister Valerie.

Chris Harding (now Gardner) saw this item and says:  I have been browsing the information desk and came across Pat  Collett's (now Corrigan) note asking if anyone knew where I was.  I am now retired and living in Nottingham. I will be happy to hear from anyone who remembers me from our schooldays. {if you wish to contact Chris then e-mail and I will pass it on.

Class Photos between 1988 and 1991

Victoria Sutherland (was Latimer at School) asks:  I would just like to know if there are any school class photo archives that are kept some place.  I vaguely remember having at least 1 taken. I was there between 1988 and 1991, I was in one of Miss Saffery's classes, remember Miss Wilden and Miss Spicer.

Cheers  Victoria

Ian Dow says:  I will look in the archive material, but do not remember any.  Does anyone have any at home?

The Form Letter System

Ian Mcilhiney says:  Browsing through the site I came across the info desk section and thought I would ask the question that’s bugged me for years.  

What were the meanings of the school form numbering system and letters,  I know year 1 was 1e / 1k /1r but what was the significance of the letter?

What was the thinking behind this system?


Ian Sargent says:  My guess is that the letters were deliberately random to avoid any suspicion that there was any streaming or grading of pupils when they started at the school - which would have been the case if a straightforward sequence: a, b, c, d; had been used.

Ann Smith

Colin Poole says:  At the risk of being seen as a nuisance I would like to trace somebody I knew between 1969 and 1971, I'm not a trinity old boy myself but during this period I dated a lovely girl called Ann Smith who was in form 5 during the academic year 1970/1 who lived in Balmoral Rd at the time. At the end of the year she went off to college in Newbury (veterinary) we parted amicably but me being a lazy bloke lost touch all too quickly.  

I am now retired and realise time has passed far too quickly doing this life thing and would dearly love to catch up with her for nothing more sinister than a hello, how are you, how's life been for you etc.  

Looking at the website I found only one Ann Smith and I think she may now be Ann Wilson who is a regular at reunions and I am hoping she's one and the same as the Ann I knew.

Ian Dow says:  I contacted Anne Wilson, but it is not the right one.  There was another one (without an "e" on the end of Ann who was a year younger than Anne Wilson.  The Ann that Colin is looking for would have been in the 1971 group, finishing the fifth form in June 1971. 

Does anyone know how to contact Ann Smith from that year?

Patricia Cousins

Kerry Jones (now Ridler) says:  I was at Trinity in 1974 I was in Mr Scrivenors class and I'm trying to find a friend by the name of Patricia Cousins but I'm having no success and a friend told me about this website.  Hoping that you might have some ideas.


George Cookson

Georg says:  I am still alive.  Living and working in NSW Australia. 

Paul de la Mare

Keith Hutchins says:  I have met up with old chum Bob (Mac) Smith a number of times recently.  He told me that he had read in the Chronicle & Echo that Paul de la Mare from our year had died suddenly at the end of February.  His sister Suzanne had put the notice in the paper - our condolences to her.   At school Paul was known as “Ox”, and also “Horace” I think.  I had not seen Paul since leaving school in 1973, nonetheless it is always sad when an old mate passes on.

God bless.



Kevin Gibson says:  I was looking at the TrinityHigh site and saw a photo of me which bears little or no resemblance to my current look!  However the picture set off a series of fond memories including that Mr Austen made a recording of the whole show for David Baker.

If the recording was kept for archive purposes I would dearly love to find out if, a copy could be made to play too and bore my grown up children and hopefully amuse the grandchildren at a later date. Given you have contact with Mr Austen might I ask you to enquire on my behalf?  

I am currently visiting my daughter who lives in Australia and just before I left I spent the weekend with Alan Hutchinson (English teacher)  and his wife Annie both of whom took a whole bunch of us  with Dereck Collins (Geography) to Lake Lugano Switzerland, Wot Larks!!. Thank you for all your hard work one day I might make it down south for a reunion.

Ian Dow says:  Thanks for your comments.  I have asked Peter Austen if he has a copy of the recording.  I currently have the school archive at home, and I have not seen anything in there.  There are quite a few recordings, but they are from a much later era.

Paul Stuart says:   Does Kevin Gibson mean Mr Richard Austin the science teacher, who may have recorded the performance?


Peter Austen says:  I believe the Mr Austen referred to would be Mr Austin, the physics teacher, so sadly I can't help with this one.  


Kevin Gibson says:  Hello again.  I have been on the site and Paul Smart is right, memory was playing tricks and indeed it was  Richard Austin the Science teacher I was thinking of.

I also spent time looking at a number of pages and was pleased to hear of David Spence's connections with the reunions. He cast me as Robin Oakapple in Ruddigore and he might know what happened to the recording, he was a tremendous character and teacher and I have fond memories of his performance in The Mikado.  If you do ever see him could you let him know I was asking after him and tell him after I left Trinity I eventually went onto Study psychology At Hull University and then Newcastle Medical School en route to becoming Consultant Clinical Psycholgist working in the NHS for last thirty years!!

It was sobering and sad to read of Ray Winne's death.  He was  the original Sancho Panza, and Rob Cook, who I seem to remember was in my year and one of the  thirty or so of us that went on the trip to Switzerland. I think I have a photo of him with Phil Snowden and I as three skinny lads drying ourselves off after coming out of a lake.

Finally it was also sad to hear about Nobby Clarke.  I remember him more as head of first and second year boys, checking the shine on our shoes and the length of our hair in relation to the collar, whilst carrying the detention book in hand!! He too enjoyed the Bi Annual G and S's  and I particularly  remember the Trio with him singing the tenor role, Mr Grimshaw singing base and the female lead whose name escapes me.

Once again thanks 


The Punishment Book

Ian Dow says:  If anyone recognises an occasion when they received the cane and would like a copy of the page they are on as a memento, then send me an e-mail, telling me whether you are in book 1 or 2 and the date, and I will send you a copy of the page with just your name showing and the others redacted.


The Baker Cup for Drama

George Wright writes:  Dear Mr Dow.  I write in regards to an article on the Trinity High School site and would request you to correct a glaring mistake regarding the above award.  The cup above was not presented by Mr D Baker, who was the music teacher and not a drama teacher.  This award was presented by a parent, Mr Dennis Baker as his daughter, Patricia Baker who was a pupil at the school, and was a friend of mine when we were at the school in the Sixth Form, enjoyed taking part in dramatic arts.  I think Mr Dennis Baker was a governor many years ago.  Thank you.


Stephen Roe says:  I have just noticed George Wright's comment about the Baker Cup for Drama, which I can confirm, as I believe I was the first person to whom it was awarded. I was a contemporary of Patricia Baker, who was an active participant in many school drama productions and was the female lead, Claire Zachanassian in The Visit -  photos I recently identified for you and will hopefully be able to find the programme of.

If I remember correctly the Cup was originally The Baker Cup for Boxing. Patricia's older brother, was at the school and a boxer. It had not been awarded for boxing for a number of years and became The Baker Cup for Drama in 1976, the year that Tricia and I left Trinity.



Lee Martin says:  I was a student at Trinity from 1987 to 1992 and want to thank you for bringing back some happy memories of my school days with your website.  I was delighted to see some recent pictures of Mr Spence at your reunion.  He was a hugely inspirational teacher for me and if you have a contact for him I would be eternally grateful if you would pass on my thanks to him as I never got the chance when he left Trinity.  My middle school report states  'Lee clearly has no interest in science'  but Mr Spence in a very short time sparked a huge interest in chemistry and teaching for me and I now lecturer at university, and perform chemistry outreach to school children across Europe and Asia.


Amateur Dramatic Workshop Society

Derek Bampkin says:   I was at Trinity from 1955 (at the college in St Georges Ave) until 1962 when I left at 18. I noticed a picture in the memories of the trip to Lloret de Mar with a comment of Derek Bampkin? as one of the people on the photo.  Yes it was myself.  That was a great trip.

I wonder does anyone remember the "Amateur Dramatic Workshop Society"?

Several of us 5th formers including Bob Harrison & myself helped Mr Clarke & Mr Linnel put up the stage lighting (using scaffolding tubes "rescued" from the school building site) and made, covered & painted all the scenery flats which were still in use when my sons went to Trinity in the 80s.  We were allowed into the wood & metalwork workshops during free periods to make pulleys etc & returned every Wednesday evening for a couple of hours to be ready in time for the first production "The Ghost Train" I may remember more after a quiet beer but so long for now.


The 1972 Tower Magazine

Michael Hickey asks:  Does anyone have a full copy of the 1972 Tower magazine?  I am urgently trying to obtain a copy of a poem called "The Arch" written by E.McHugh which his wife thinks was in the 1972 edition. Edmund was in 5E at the time.  Any help would be very gratefully received.  I do not need a copy of the whole magazine, just the poem.


Ian Dow says:  It is now on the website.


Adopting a Ship

Marlene Goodman (now Marlene Wakeford) who went to the Technical High School from 1952 to 1957, remembers that while she was there the school adopted a ship though she can't remember the name of it now.  Miss Clegg was in charge of this for the girls.  We were asked to write to the sailors on board which we did.  This went on for quite a while and I have always wondered what happened to it as we never heard anymore about it after a while.

Does anyone know any more about this please.


Doug Betts  says:  The school ship was the Auricular or maybe the Aricula.b I believe it was an oil tanker which spent most of its time in the Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean. bI remember it ran aground somewhere while I was at the  school (51-58).  I do remember a rumour which I think is true that Miss Clegg (Elsa) later married the Captain!   


Who is This?

Chris Cork sent this photo that Terry Chapman has found.  Chris wants to know who is the person on the right, and who was the photographer.  (Terry is the guy in the headlock).  If anyone knows, please e-mail  Click on the photo to see a larger version.

The Photo of Taffy Newell

A number of people have been asking who the two pupils were with Taffy Newell.  Everyone agrees the boy is Keith Rooke, but there have been several views of who the girl was.

Jenny Byrne says:  Is the girl Denise Hanwell?  She was in the same year as Keith Rooke?  It would have been 1963 - 1968

Mr Meldrum and the Marseillaise

David Bissonnet asks:  

I have just read the moving tribute by Peter Douglas to Mr Meldrum, who taught us French.  I share his view that he was a very good teacher and one that I remember clearly which is more than I can say for many of them.

I remember very well how Mr Meldrum always used to get us to sing the La Marseillaise in class by singing along with us.  We all sang it nice and loud and I can still do so now.

Does anyone else remember how he used to get us to sing?


People at School from 1978 Onwards

Angela Souster asks:

Looking for any friends that were in trinity from 1978.  I'm not exact on the dates.  I moved to Ireland after that.  Some of my friends were Angela Arthurs and Lisa Petrie would love to get in contact after all these years.


Angela Arthurs says:

Hi I'm Angela Arthurs I only bumped into Lisa yesterday . . I was reading the info desk and saw you were looking to get in touch so here I am. . : ) . . Was your name Angela reader? .....


Rugby Team in 1989

Jason King asks:

I played rugby for the school. In 1989 Mr Ray White took a photo of the rugby team, but the photo has never been seen. I’ve scoured your website with no joy? Please can you find out if the photo is available it would make my day!

Jason Scott King: Position hooker for the rugby team .

A few other names from the team which might help with research! Andrew Picton, Simon Currie, Martin Pearce, Russell Harold, Roy Cuthbert, Lewis Goodger.

Pupils from The Class of 74

Gillian Beverley says:  I attended Trinity from around 1971 until I left in 1976.  My husband and I left the U.K in January 2004 after the reunion in June 2003, which I attended.  It was lovely to hook up with past class mates and catch up on old times.  I’m actually on one of the reunion pictures which was nice to see.

We now live in Prince Edward Island, Canada and own a business with 7 cottages and 3 limousines.  We have 2 daughters who also moved out here with us and we have 3 grandchildren and one more on the way.  We love our life in Canada and I would love to hear from others who have emigrated out of the U.K, or anyone who is still there and would like to re-connect.

Gillian (now Robinson)

Ian Elvey says:  Hello Gill, I left school in 1974, and like you, I emigrated.


Margaret Reynolds says:

......................and your point it??


Iain Atkinson says:  Gill, I emigrated to Australia in 1994 and have enjoyed every minute of it. The lifestyle is so different to the UK, oh, and the weather is a bit better too!  Like you I left for sunnier climes, in 1994. I have been in Australia ever since and love the difference. The lifestyle is wonderful, relaxed and the cost of living so much better than UK.  Also, the weather is a touch better here in Perth.  Glad you are doing well,


German Exchange Visit

Danja Reiter (Becker) says:


I'm German. In the 1980's I spent 2 weeks in Northampton.  I stayed with a family with the daughters Nicola and Claire Bustin.  But we lost the contact.  I would be very happy if I could have contact with them. Nicola Bustin stayed in Germany 2 weeks, too at my family.  Perhaps someone can remember.  That would make me very happy.

Sorry, but my English is really bad.

Thank you very much for your help. I think it was in 1985, 1986 or 1987.


Sue Fielding says:  Danja Reiter could contact the family via Steve Bustin (brother) who is on Facebook and now lives in Australia. I am sure he would pass on a message to his sisters in England and hopefully be able to reunite you.


Danja Reiter (Becker) says:  I like to thank Sue for her suggestion. It was very helpful for me. I have now contact to my guest family.

Best wishes  Danja

Looking for 63'ers who might be on Facebook

Chris Cork says:  It is a long time since I looked at the website, noticed that there is now a FB group, and wondered if I might stay in touch with any of you in that way.  I live and work in Pakistan, where I am Editorial Consultant and columnist at 'The News' a big English-language newspaper.


Edward Ukleja

Michael Judd asks:  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Edward Ukleja?  He was at the school circa 1966.  His dad was Polish.


Ken Watson says:  Having had a quick look on a database, I think that Edward may be living in Banbury. The person in Banbury is the right age and it is an unusual name.  Ian Dow has the address, if you e-mail him on he can pass it on.  It is not appropriate to post it here.


Pupils from 1966

Rod Smith would like to get in touch with former pupils from his year.  He went to Trinity from 1961 - 1966.  He would particularly like to contact George O'Farrell, Allan Jones, Bob Sketchley & Paul Miller all of whom were in his class.  [Respond]

Ricky Summers says:  I was also at Trinity 1961-1966 knew George o'Farrell and Paul Miller from St Marys but haven't seen either for many years.  However, saw Bob Sketch in Sainsbury's a couple of weeks ago buying wine on a cheap offer also still see Den McCarthy and Dave Langford in Jimmy's End both still live in that area.

Robert Sketchley says:  Just responding to Rod Smith's request to get in touch with me.  For the record there were two Robert (Bob) Sketchleys at Trinity.  I am the one in the same year as Rod.  My cousin, who was in the year below lived near Rod so I assume that he knows which one he wishes to contact.  My email address is available.

Regards Robert

Pupils from 1973

Deborah Cox (now Evans) says:  Hi, I would like to know what happened to some of the people who left school in 1973.  They were Cathy Wingrove, Angela Ingham, Fiona Stock and Sue Wilkinson.  I'm in touch with Sonia Peters.  I was also wondering if anyone knew anything about David Moore, who also left 5th form in 1973.  I think Sue stayed on into the 6th form, and possibly Fiona.  All the others left at the same time as me in 1973.  I'd also be grateful in anyone knew the whereabouts of Miss Proud (English and form teacher).  I remember Sue Lane well and its good to see her on the reunion pictures!

Many thanks, Debbie

David Moore says:  I am still very much alive, living near Peterborough and working for central government in London.


Ken Hutchins says:  Miss Proud married Phil Lawton from the year above mine.  Phil's photo is on the website - either mine or Roly Law's. No idea of whereabouts - haven't seen Phil since about 1974.


Sue Lane (now Hewitt) says:  Hi Debbie. I remember you. I hope you are well. It would be lovely to see you at the annual reunion next year. 

Take care


Phil Taylor

Phil says:  Hi, I am an old boy from Trinity. My name is Phil Taylor.  The article about Mike Horne was of interest as he was best man at my wedding in 1968. 

I remember Eric Gosling as being a real good sort. He once caught myself and afore mentioned Mike Horne escaping from a school swimming gala at middy meadow and just let us take off!!

I, like Mike left with lots of ill feelings at age 15 and I will always remember Eric Gosling wishing me well with a knowing grin on his face on the last day of school 1964.  I hope he continues to live a long and happy life.

If anyone wishes to contact me by email please do.  I am living in NZ with my wife and daughter and have two grandsons.  I have been married for 41 years.

Yours Phil   [contact]

Are There Any 1947-ers Reading This?

Ian Hamilton Asks:  I was at the original THS from 1947-52.  I noticed the name of Peter Rossiter, a classmate and the photo of my brother Gerald 1949-54. Are any of my contemporaries in touch?  Of course I recognised Buzzer, Gunner, Taffy, Bimbo, Pip and Messrs Clements, Johnson(?), Linnell.  I was captain of cricket and vice-captain of rugger to Keith Littler as captain.  Somewhere I have a Prize Day programme of 1952 - mainly because I got the best GCEs, History and Geography prizes.  I will look it out and hope to attend the 2010 reunion.


Norman Goosey says:   "It is nice to see that Ian Hamilton is still alive and kicking after all these years! I particularly remember Ian with his interest in the workings of the Northampton Sewage Farm - I assume he became a civil engineer in later life.

I would like to see a get together of the T5 1952 class at the November reunion."


Mavis (Jones) Grayum says:   Hello Ian , I remember you very well. as my first "boyfriend"


Ian Hamilton says:  "Norman Goosey - I look forward to seeing you at the Nov 6th reunion.

Mavis Jones - 60 years ago and I remember you!"


Does Anyone Remember Joe Sheridan & Martin (Gramps) Trevellick in the early 70's

Tony Osborne asks:   Does anyone remember..... Joe Sheridan & Martin (Gramps) Trevellick?

They started at Trinity alongside myself in 1969, I left in 1974 (couldn't get out quick enough!) but not sure if they both left then or stayed on for 6th Form.

Would be nice to know that they are both fit & well and have done ok for themselves career wise.

We were in the same class (J) and were usually the 1st ones out onto the playground or playing fields as soon as the dinner bell went. We (along with a number of others) were football mad! Couldn't be bothered with that namby pamby lunch nonsense! 2 Captains, 2 teams, lets get going lads!!

Only thing I liked at school tbh!!


Iain Atkinson says:  All I can add is that they both left after the 5th year. Not sure where they went though!


Ian Finch says: I remember them well and Tony and Iain.  No idea what your all up to know though.  I also remember the football with a tennis ball.  I hope your keeping well lads.


Tony Osborne says:  There's a few of us on Friends Reunited Ian, Me, Sarge, Duncan Billingham, David York, Mickey Leonard (though he hasn't updated for ages) & Ian Baverstock.  A good way to keep in touch.


Trinity Old Boys Rugby Club

Hello I am researching English club rugby fixture history during the 1970s, in particular the 1973-74 season, and was wondering if you could help with my inquiry. I would like to obtain a copy of the club's fixture list for that season. Any help you can give would be much appreciated. Please reply to my email address.

Thank you Lee Hurst

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Mary Adams  (1960 - 1966)

Cynthia Turner (now Cyndy Hill) says:  I lost touch with my friend Mary Adams after school in 1966-1967.  Last I heard she had gone to Australia and I don't know her married name.  I want to find her to clear up a misunderstanding and would be grateful for any information.

Bill Stewart says:  Hi - I sat next next to you and Mary in Physics - oh how I ached with love and lust LOL. I heard that in Aus - Mary had married the deputy speaker of their parliament! That must have been at least 20 years ago. I remember so well she said many times that she was going to marry a millionaire!!!!! Obviously she went after her dream.

Cyndy Hill says:  Hi Bill Stewart - Do you possibly know Mary's married name. I had heard she went to Australia but beyond that I can't trace her. Must have been Mary you lusted after?   I was Cynthia Turner and at Trinity 1960-1966.

Bill Stewart says:  I just checked in again!   I don't know her married name just that he was the deputy speaker - that must have been I think in the mid/late seventies or early eighties. My dad told me. He did her teeth when we were at Trinity!!!!


Neil Smith says:  Mary was a neighbour of mine in Hollowell.  She did indeed move to WA Australia. I too live in Sydney and was at THS 1963-1966.  Good friends were Dave Walder, Big Dave Savage, Philip Letts, Robert Love, Dick Powell, Roland White, would like to hear from anyone around at that time.


Good times at Technical High School !

Mavis Jones (now Grayum) says:  I would love to hear from some of my old school friends. I left school when I was 15. Could not find my picture on the 1952 photograph but know I must have been still at school when that was taken. I'm still in touch with Audrey Ward and Rose Mitchell but would love to hear from anyone else who remembers me. Sincerely, Mavis Grayum (Jones)

Carol Shaw (now Chamberlain) says:  Hi Mavis Grayum (Jones) - do you remember Betty Wills and me (Nursery Lane/Rosedale Road).  We were right near to your home last year but couldn't stop the coach - would love to hear from you.

Maureen Kirby says:  Dear Mavis My cousin Rita Addington (now Smith) was also probably in your year at school. Do you remember her? She lived in Hastings Road, Kingsthorpe at the time.

Taffy Newell & Richard Burton

Howard Linsley remembered in a piece added to the website some time ago that Taffy Newell was Richard Burton's uncle.  [go]

Carol Shaw (1948 - 1953) believes that Taffy's sister Sybil, was married to Richard Burton, and so he was therefore Richard Burton's brother-in-law until they were divorced.

Now Lorna Eedes (1947 - 1954) has added her voice to the debate:  To my recollection (1947-54) Richard Burton was Mr Newell’s nephew by ‘adoption’. Richard, he explained to us, came from a very hard-up family in the Welsh valleys. Richard’s English teacher at the Grammar School was very impressed by his acting ability.  As his family certainly could not afford to support him for long, the school teacher took him under his wing, even took him in as part of the family, and helped him in his ambition to become an actor.  That English teacher was also a Mr Newell, Taffy’s brother.

By the time we heard about him from Taffy, Richard Burton was married to his Welsh girlfriend Sybil, was attracting rave reviews for his theatre performances in London and Stratford, was being courted by Hollywood and was beginning to behave like the star he was.  Taffy was proud, but anxious about the future of Richard (his ‘nephew’) and Sybil together.  The rest is history.  Or have I got it wrong?

Betty Wills says I agree with Carol Shaw.  To my knowledge we were told that Taffy's sister Sybil was Richard Burton's wife.

Judith Green says:  Sybil Burton could not have been Taffy Newell's sister as her maiden name was Williams.

Fiona Clements says:  He played the role of a Count and was in a radio documentary about the Air training Corps (ATC) of which he was a member.  During this period, Meredith Jones persuaded the Glamorgan Education Committee to readmit Richard to grammar school.  Eighteen months after leaving school, he was back with the new teacher, Philip Burton, to keep an eye on him.  Philip, who was also Richard’s commanding officer in the ATC, saw the energetic promise that Jones had seen.  Richard was a thirsty reader, particularly of poetry.  Throughout his life he would quote and write in his Notebooks chunks of John Donne, Edward Jones, John Betjeman, Gerard Manley Hopkins, William Dunbar, Shakespeare and his greatest read Dylan Thomas. Dylan became his hero.  Sweetly, their paths would later cross and a good friendship would grow.  Burton drilled schooling into Richard: Richard rewarded Burton by gaining his school certificate despite missing 18 months of term time.  Richard was given every chance to act before an audience at school and the local YMCA. Years later, on being interviewed together, Philip Burton was asked: ‘How did you come to adopt him?’ Richard replied: ‘He didn’t adopt me; I adopted him.’ Back 1925-1942 1943-1956.

Terry Smith says:  I was in Taffy Newell's form in 1952/53.  I remember coming back to school after lunch one day to see a very fancy American car in the drive. We were fold that Burton had turned up to see Taffy but I did not actually see him.

Judith Green says:  "Official - Sybil Burton's sister was Elsie Newell, Taffy Newell's wife. Therefore Richard Burton was Elsie Newell's brother-in-law.

According to Tom Rubython's biography of Richard Burton, Richard Burton's first wife was Sybil and her sister lived in Northampton, St James Park Road, and they used to come to visit her at the weekend (p.147!). It says ‘Their favourite weekends away were to Northampton to visit Sybil’s sister and her husband Eddie Newell.; They also used to go the Saints and the County Ground to watch the cricket. However, the visits to Northampton ended very abruptly when Sybil’s sister Elsie Newell, died suddenly soon after the Burtons were married."

Denise Johnson says: An article about the new book by Tom Rubython can be seen [here]

Victoria Sly

Jacqueline Johnson (now Williams) came over to Northampton on an exchange programme in 1971 from Stamford Connecticut and stayed with Victoria Sly.  Victoria was in the lower sixth form at that time.  They kept in touch for a number of years, but now Jacqueline would like to get back in touch.  If anyone knows how to contact her, please let us know.  Jacqueline has now sent an article from the local Stamford newspaper about the exchange, which may trigger some people's memory.  [Read the article]

Lorraine Scrivener (now Ellis) says:  Hello Jackie I was part of the exchange program and had Cathy Waymer stay with me.  I ended up staying with Karen Blanchard when I came to America and am still in touch with her.  I now live in Australia and although am not in touch with Vicky any more may be able to find an old address or contact school friends to see if they can help you.  Great to hear from you after all these years.   Lorraine

Victoria Sly (now Lack) says:  Hi Jackie, Was amazed to hear that you remembered me! Would love to hear from you. I live near Cambridge now. Vickie  [e-mail address supplied, if you want to contact Vicki, then contact me [e-mail]

Vivien Dutton

Bill Harrison asks:  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Vivien Dutton?  He thinks her name is now Reid or Reed and was last known to be in Coventry.  She is on the 1958 school photo, section 3, near to Bill.

Vivien Dutton says:  Yes, I am now Vivien Reid, and am still living in Coventry.  I am still nursing.  Meeting my school class in 2 weeks.  What are you doing?


Scott Wilson

Scott asks:  Does anyone know how I can contact John Barker.  John ran the Partial Hearing Unit at Trinity from 1978 until 1980 or perhaps a bit later.  Please click on the Answer Someone's Question button if you know anything about his whereabouts. 

Peter Douglas says:  Scott Wilson has asked if anyone knows the whereabouts of John Barker.  I really wish that could be more up to date with my help, as John and I were friends for many years but we have since lost touch.  You know how it goes, the space between letters widens, and then they stop.  Just inertia and life getting in the way!  John and I were at Leeds University together 1963-66 and we both studied English and attended many of the same lectures and seminars.  After leaving Leeds, we went on a youth hostelling holiday to Switzerland in August 1966, and also took long touring holidays, sleeping in the back of John’s green minivan – to Cornwall and the West Country in 1967, and to Scotland in 1969.  For the latter trip, I met John at his home in Middlesbrough.  We kept in touch for many years, though usually by post as by that time I was in the USA.  Imagine my surprise when I learned that John was actually teaching at my old school!  He was, as Scott says, in charge of the Partially Hearing Unit, and his letters in the 1980s were full of tales of the school, which were naturally of great interest to me.  This was especially so when he told me that he had become particular friends with Ian Meldrum, known to many (though not those in my time) as “Jock,” who taught me French from the autumn term of 1958 until I left school in 1963. Ian and I also corresponded, and I was delighted to hear from him that he had got to know John.  As I said in my piece on Ian Meldrum on this website.  Ian’s letter of February 1978 informed me that a friend from Leeds University had joined the staff of THS. It was quite a strange feeling for me that a friend now worked at my old school, hanging around with my old teachers!  It’s always odd, when worlds collide like that that should be in different compartments of one’s life.  Evidently they got on well, and seem to have shared the same growing dissident attitude towards the school as it progressed (or regressed) through the “comprehensive” stage.  The last address I have for John is quite old and perhaps long out of date, but you never know. I have passed it on to Ian Dow and I regret having let my contact with John lapse, and intend to try to reanimate it, so if Scott or anyone learns anything I hope it can be shared. 

Adrian Bull

Adrian asks:  Does anyone know the whereabouts of John Challen or Gordon Bromage?   Both pupils were in the 1962/63 fifth form - 5A - John in the science section and Gordon in the language section. I would like to contact them.  The fifth form was the last year for me. I believe that Gordon went on to Edinburgh University.  John stayed into the sixth form but beyond that I have no information.

Ian Dow says:  Last time I head from John, which was in 2004, he had retired as a BA airline pilot and was flying planes in Mali.  I will test to see if his e-mail address still works.  Having contacted him again, he is now in Hong Kong and now flying passenger jumbos again.

Martin Verity says:  Gordon Bromage is Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.  You can "Google" his name.  He used to live in Clitheroe, but I haven't heard from him for many years.  I remember Gordon well and I also remember Adrian, who lived opposite him. Adrian used to have a wire tape-recorder - a sound recording was made on a reel of wire, in a similar way to how it is now made on a reel of tape.

The Boy Who Accidentally Hanged Himself

Allan Page asks if anyone remembers the name of the boy who accidentally hung himself at home.  He says:  While reading the "in memory" page I remembered the boy in my English group.  Although his name eludes me, but I think it may have happened in my third year which would make it 1963.  I believe he had red hair if that jogs anyone's memory.

Bill Stewart says:  I think it was Nigel Moore.

Dick Trasler

Dick says:  Hi, I was in 3A 1n 1959/60 and wondered where some of the 'old boys' of that class might be...? Rod McGowan, Bill Duff, Trev Turner, Dave Denny, Nick Craddock, Les Pomeroy, and the rest of the gang.  Also any update on Pauline Malin..?

Colin Skears has been kind enough to keep me up to date with news.  Thanks Colin.

Chris Hoddle Says:   Dick Pomeroy!  He was one of my college lecturers in 1977-78.  He took us on a summer sailing course and discovered there that we were both ex of Trinity.  Needless to say that was it for the week.  His contacts at college got me my first teaching job.  Have not seen him since 1978 at West Midlands College, Walsall

Peter Holden says:

Dave Denny joined the Army Apprentices School at Chepstow in September 1961 at the same time as I did and the last time I saw him was in basic training at Cove, Farnborough in 1964/5 when we all went our separate ways into the Corps of Royal Engineers.  He used to live at 6 Bants Lane but many years ago I heard on one of my infrequent visits to Duston from overseas that he had died?

May Lynn Woo 

May Lynn was at Trinity from 1964 to 1968.  She and her sister Lily, who was also at Trinity emigrated to Canada.  May Lynn is planning to come over to the UK on a visit in September, and she would like to contact old classmates and possibly come to the reunion.  Please contact her direct via this special e-mail address.  [e-mail]

Mr Barker

Suzi B asks:  Does anyone know what happened to Mr Barker, not sure which year he started but he is on the 1978 staff picture, and I know he was still there in 1992.  Any information appreciated.

Does Anyone have any Contact details for two members of Staff – John Williams and Dennis Wilson?

 Francoise Chevalier writes:    I was a French teaching assistant at the school from 1964-65, and 3 years later married Hamish Little, who taught History and whom I met in the staff room!  We enjoyed 30 wonderful years together.  We spent most of our working lives in higher education in London and retired quite early to Dorset.  Very sadly in 1997 Hamish died aged 59 after a very short illness.  John Williams, who taught Geography, and Dennis Wilson who taught Science in 1964/1965 were both close friends of Hamish, and I would have liked to have been able to contact them when he died.  If anyone has their contact details, I would be very grateful as it would enable me to get in touch with them again and tell them about Hamish. 

Rosie Clark writes:   I was reading the Trinity website when I saw a message from Francoise Chevalier who was married to Hamish Little. 

I was lucky enough to be taught by Hamish and it was he who instilled in me the love of History.

I'd like her to know that, because of him, at the age of 55 I decided to go to University and do a degree in History. I loved it, and passed and now am involved in a local history group of 80 members in the village where I live in Sheffield. The legacy of a good teacher lives on. I am so sorry that I cannot tell him how his teaching influenced what I did in later life.

Pupil Who Died

Dave Littlewood asks:  I was just reading Mike Haggett's memory of Graham Smith, but I also remember another lad who died tragically during my time at Trinity.  It would have been about 1965 when a lad in the second year called Ashby (I did not know his first name) was electrocuted while playing around near a railway line by the overhead cables.  I remember Gunner giving out the announcement with great solemnity and sincerity.

Does anyone remember any more details, so he could be added to the In Memory Section?

James Sorrie has provided the answer, and the details now appear in the In-Memory section

School Photographs

Maureen Tarlton (now Kirby) asks about the 1963 School Photo:  I can't remember having a copy of this although I am certainly on it. Has anyone tried downloading it from the web site and reproducing it successfully?

School Uniform in the Early Days

Peter Douglas:  Looking at the school photo in 1952, I note that the girls all seem to have a proper (matching) uniform, whereas the boys are wearing a variety of jackets.  It's not connected with their year, as this is true for both the lower and upper forms.  Some of the boys seem to be wearing the familiar dark jackets with the school badge, but a great many are wearing assorted sports coats of lighter colours and they clearly do not match.  Moreover, not everyone is wearing the striped school tie.  I am wondering if anyone from that era can explain this.

Was the school uniform only starting to be enforced, or was there some sort of relaxed attitude towards conformity at that time, possibly because of the shortage of clothing following the war?

Mike Haggett, who started at THS in 1949 says:  In 1949 most pupils wore a green blazer in summer with the badge as shown on your home page.  However older pupils were wearing a navy blue (or black) style with gold (or yellow) details, but I think, the same badge. I judge this to mean that the uniform had been changed within the previous three years. The current wisdom was that the badge was designed by E.G.‘Bimbo’ Bennett.

Derick Cooper says:  In the early days it was acceptable to have the school badge on a black or grey coat or blazer not only only on the official green one.

Terry Smith says:  Re the various jackets worn by boys in he 1952 photo it is true that boys were allowed to wear a plain jacket rather than a blazer.  School ties and caps were obligatory.

Who is This?

Who is This?

Colin Skears had some old photos from school.  In this one, he has no idea who this is.  Do you know?

Sally Wrigley thinks:  that it could be Sandy Shaw and it is definitely Ed Winkworth in the background.

Colin Responds:  OK! So Ed Winkworth is in the background - so is half of Kingsthorpe! Not Sandie Shore - she is wearing shoes.

Keith Howlett says:  It is Sandy Shaw.  I remember her because we had a bit of a fling and I remember her beautiful feet she let me rub them and worship them.

Colin Skears adds:  Some people have all the luck - all she let me do was take her dam picture - and it is not Sandy Shore! If anyone has a copy of the 1963 / 64 sixth form pupils I might eventually work it out.

Christine Kent says:  Her surname was Hamp.  Her sister Kathy Hamp was my good friend at school (we lost touch once she got engaged).  Sorry I cannot remember her first name.  She joined in the sixth form. her brother, who I think was called Steve, also went to Trinity!

Anonymous:  Her name is Elizabeth Hamp

Colin Skears says:  OK, so not Sandy Shaw.  Thanks to everyone.

Who Wrote This and What Does it Mean

Ian Elvey brought his Gideon Bible to the 2005 reunion, and like most people's it has signatures on the front and back pages.  Right in the middle of the back page if Ian's is a signature and some strange markings made by the same pen.  Ian cannot remember who the person was and certainly has no idea what the markings were supposed to mean.  Did you write it, and what does it mean?

Who Wrote This and What Does it Mean?

Iain Atkinson says:  The signature is that of Ann Cameron, joined us in 1975, if i remember, her dad was a headmaster.  As to the cipher....she did it in mine as well, its a calculation but I can't remember how it works!

The School Motto

Dave Solomon was wondering about the School Motto.

On a recent trip into his loft Dave found a booklet about a school trip (see Pupil Memories), but he also found his old school cap with its cap badge and the school motto "Parate".  Dave wonders whether this was always the school motto, and what did it really mean.  Was it "With Preparation" or was it "Ready". 

Do you know what the Motto was when you were at school - was it "Parate"?  Were there any other School Mottos?  Do you know what the original meaning of the Parate was when it was chosen as the school motto?

Susan Jones Adds:

Parate means "Prepare" rather than "With Preparation".  So presumably it means "Prepare for......" (later life, what comes next, etc).

Paul Stuart Adds:

Gunner Wright told us in a Latin lesson that Parate meant "Be Prepared" just like the boy scouts!

Dave Cocks Adds:

Have to agree with Paul Stuart re school motto Parate. I was always lead to believe it meant "Be Prepared".

Anonymous Classicist Adds:  I am surprised (if not staggered) that Gunner should be attributed with saying that 'Parate' means 'Be prepared'.  It was not the kind of mistake that he was ever likely to make, and certainly not tolerate from a pupil.  It is the imperative and as Susan correctly states is the order 'Prepare!'

Old Boys' Dinners

Peter Douglas has some memories of the "Old Boys' Dinners", but also has a number of questions about them.

Do you know how many Old Boys' Dinners were held?

Who was invited to these dinners and what format did they take?

Where were the Old Boys' Dinners held?

Do you have memories of these dinners that will provide a better picture of these events?

Peter comments:-

I wonder if there are any other ex-THS folks who remember what I noted as "Old Boys' Dinners." I have a note from April 2, 1964 that I went to the THS Old Boys' Dinner at The Angel, the pub/hotel on Bridge Street.  Then on April 8, 1965, I have this note: "At around 6:30 I went to the annual school reunion dinner-dance.  

Although I said that this was an "annual" event, though I don't think I ever attended more than these two. Did they stop, or did I stop attending? I have no idea. This is another of those cases where a little more detail would be a blessing!

Peter also remembers, now that he has been reminded by a recent newspaper cutting that was added of the Leeds University/Trinity Old Boys Dinners that he also went to one of these.  Again, he does not know why he only went to one.

Peter would like more detail from anyone of who organised these events and were there more of them that the three he remembers.

Ian Dow Adds:

I left school in 1965, two years after Peter and I never heard of the old boys dinners.  Had they stopped, or was I not in the right place at the right time to get an invitation?

Derick Cooper says:  This reminded me that I attended a dinner at the Angel Bridge street but that was organised by Trinity Old Boys Rugby Club, maybe that is what Peter is thinking of?  I remember that following that dinner there was a problem with a so called antique chair that went missing rumour had it that it was it was broken up and deposited in the sewers of Northampton.  Does anyone know the actual truth?

Patrick Bishop Seymour says:  Derick, you know better to ask such a question, what goes on tour stays on tour!  Have a very sad hand written statistical analysis of my own (poor) record that season, I'll bet former Hon Sec Pete Collyer will have a fixture card - will ask when I see him next Friday.



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