David Baker

David at the 2010 Reunion
An update on David from his sister and brother-in-law, Janet & Alan.

A member of staff helping David open his presents on Christmas Day which shows how frail he now looks
Whilst we haven't seen David since March 2020 we are in constant touch with the home and they keep us well informed.  When the home were able to lift the ban on visitors we made the very difficult decision that we would not visit because the staff would need to hoist him into his wheelchair and bring him to the designated room and because he no longer knows who we are, we felt it was wrong to take the risk of taking the virus into the home (which they have avoided thus far).  It was a sad decision, but we felt the right one.  


As a family we are more than pleased with the care and love he is receiving from all the staff and they agreed that we had probably made the right decision to wait until the restrictions were lifted and we were able to see him without it being behind a screen.