David Baker

David at the 2010 Reunion
It has been about 6 months since the last update on David on this website.  His brother-in-law, Alan, has sent this report.

David seems to be very settled in The Avenue Nursing Home and his daughters, sister and son-in-law are all highly delighted with the care shown to him, and us, from all the staff, although visiting him is difficult because there seems to be no recognition of who we are and no conversation; if he does speak it is extremely quiet and hard to understand - there is no conversation or response to anything we say.    

David has had a number of spells in hospital early in 2019 with his diabetes being too high.  However, in the middle of the year they fitted a patch on his arm which the staff just hold a monitor to that and it reads his sugar levels and is transmitted directly to the hospital who respond within minutes of what action the home should take.  This has been wonderful and enabled the home to control the diabetes and he has not been in the hospital since June - this has meant he does not get dis-orientated and agitated more.  

Alison (David's youngest daughter who lives locally) visits him every Monday and Janet (his sister) goes every Thursday and I (brother-in-law) go every so often to support Janet.  We find the visits hard because, often you sit there and he either just looks blank or will not open his eyes and certainly doesn't know who we are.  Elizabeth comes up from London as often as she can; and Caroline travels from Guildford every so often.   Janet and I went to visit yesterday for the Christmas Party which the staff put on for residents and their families.  Whilst we were there we took the photograph below, one of the rare occasions that he smiled.  David has lost a considerable amount of weight and can no longer hold his head up or stand without support and is moved from his room to the lounge by wheelchair.  

As a family we really appreciate your interest and concern.

David last attended a Reunion in 2016, just over 3 years ago.  You can see the photos and report from the button below.


18th December 2019

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