David Baker

David at the 2010 Reunion
David Baker is now in a different care home.  He is in The Avenue Care Home, (8 The Avenue, NN3 6BA).  He is much better now in there than where he was, and although moving him was traumatic, it was a good decision and he has settled in well. 

Sadly, his  memory is getting worse. He does not now recognise his sister or brother-in-law, although he does still recognise his three daughters.  The family clearly finds this distressing.  David was complaining this week that his brother-in-law had not been in to see him for ages, and he needed him to do something for him.  It was his brother-in-law he was talking to, so he asked if he could get it for him instead.  He could not remember what he wanted.  Very sad.

His diabetes is still very up and down and has needed to go to hospital several times to get stabilised again.  Having said that, the home are excellent in the way they deal with him, we have nothing but admiration for their constant support and the love and care shown to David.  If he goes to hospital they accompany him and remain with him until he is admitted to a ward and then visit him daily whilst in the hospital. 

He has lost a lot of weight and has aged but the family are extremely grateful for the home and staff's care for not only David but everyone in the home.

24th November 2018

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