Retires After 28 Years as School's Head

(Chronicle & Echo 6th July 1974)

Mr Peter Haddon presents Mr B. S. Howard with a retirement gift on behalf of former pupils in July 1974

Mr B. S. Howard who is retiring at the end of the term after 28 years as headmaster of Trinity Grammar School said he would have been happier if more time could have been given to trying out the comprehensive system on a smaller scale before introducing it generally. He thought this should have been done to find out whether comprehensive schools represented an improvement on the educational system they had before. 

"Anyway", he added: "we will soon be able to judge for ourselves". 

Mr Howard, whose school is to become an Upper School in the three-tier system of education, said he did not like large schools which in his opinion were more difficult to run efficiently than smaller ones. For Mr Howard a large school was anything over about 700 pupils (the Upper School will have a roll of about 1,100). Large schools he said, must result in more impersonal relationships and when things go wrong they go wrong faster. 


Mr Howard (65) has been a member of the teaching profession for 40 years. Before moving to Northampton, he had been in industry and later taught in the County Technical College in Dartford, Kent. At one time he was area liaison office for evening education. When Mr Howard became the head of the Technical High School, Northampton, in 1946 the school was housed in the College of Technology buildings. Numbers in both school and college increased and it soon became necessary to provide new buildings for the school in Trinity Avenue.

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