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The school staff had teachers that were both admired and respected, and some who were feared.  The headmaster, "Buzzer" Howard, seems to have little written about him.  There are very few mentions in the school scrapbooks and few photos, and yet he was headmaster from 1946 to 1974, a total of 28 years.  There were a number of other very long serving staff members.

Jean Robertson (now Jean Tydings) was at the school during the 1950s and was told by an older girl that 'Buzzer' got his name from standing under the buzzer in the mornings as they all arrived in the corridor of the old building in St. George's Avenue watching everyone come in.

Below are a selection of photos and other items about the staff.  You can get to all sections from the links at the bottom of the page.

The Famous Senior Staff

Bernard Howard

Mr  "Buzzer" Howard - Headmaster

The Deputy Headmasters

Percy Tompkins Gunner Wright

P Tompkins  B.Sc.
1946 - 1956 

F C Wright  B.A.
1956 - 1968 

"Pip" Harris  "Tiger" Timms

P J Harris  M.Sc. (Econ.)
1968 - 1972

L W Timms  B.Sc
1972 - 1988


Percy Tompkins was deputy headmaster in the early years of the school's development.  Born in 1891, he attended Kettering Road school from 1905 to 1909. He then went as an uncertificated teacher to St. James Road school and began teaching at evening school in 1912. During the 1914-1918 war he served in the Medical Corps in Mesopotamia. After the war he returned to teach at Kettering Road Intermediate school. Whilst there he took his Inter-BSc in 1928 and his Finals in 1930, when he was awarded a First-Class Honours degree. The Northampton Technical College was opened in 1932. One part consisted of a Junior Technical School and commenced with an entry of 31 boys and 9 girls. The assistant staff member was Mr Percy Tompkins, who was in charge of general subjects. By 1941 Percy Tompkins was in charge of the Junior Technical School. The Junior Technical School was abolished under the 1944 Education Act and became the Technical High School.  Although he had been in charge of the Junior Technical school, the minutes of the governor's meeting show that he was not considered for the post of headmaster.  Four candidates were considered, Mr L. J. Gould, Mr B. S. Howard, Mr A. B. Moffat and Mr J. F. Topping.  [Research into council records done by Dennis Rooke]

At "Tiger" Timms retirement party at the Masonic Hall in Northampton, which took place after he had become known as "Tigger" from 1974 onwards, the Laurence Lloyd Singers (Stephen Meakins being one of the two leaders of this group – his middle name being “Lloyd”) sang to him an amazing little “ditty” which had been composed by Stephen based entirely around the two words “Tigger Timms”.

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There is a full index of all teachers.  At the moment it lists all teachers, with some comments and the approximate dates they were at the school.  I would like to add more comments, so please send you items to me.  [teacher index]  [mail]

There are some photographs and other details of staff members.  On the photos of staff taken in 1975, 1978, and 1989 Janet Anderton (Facer) has identified almost all of the names.  How many do you recognise?  Click on the links below.  There is also some photos of a staff celebration in 1991, showing some of the teachers from our days still at school.  There also staff photos taken in 1992 and the final ever Trinity Staff photo taken in 2003.

In 2003, 17 members of Trinity staff from over the years were invited to present prizes at the final Trinity Prize Winners Evening.  You can read a little more detail about those 17 staff members in the section about the Prize Winners Evening.  The staff included David Baker, who had spanned quite a lot of the school's history [read]

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