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This is a full list of the teachers who were in the school up to its conversion to a comprehensive in 1974.  If you can identify any missing names, or have other information, then please e-mail me.  It is likely that some of the earlier staff, prior to 1958 are missing from the list.  Also included are some of the other school staff.

The dates are shown when the staff were at the school, with a column for each decade.  Although it would be nice to have exact start and finish dates it is not possible.  Please also help by sending me the subjects of those teachers which are currently not shown and any other comments for the Comments column.  e-mail

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At The School      
50's 60's 70's Teacher's Name Subject    Comments
    Mr C H Abbott



    Mrs J Abram



  Mr F A Adams



Mr N C Adams


Neville  Became head of Art in 1974

Mrs N E Allewell


Elizabeth (Liz)

  Mrs Austin   Left 1971
    Mr R Austin


Richard.  He was new to the school in 67/8.  He used to invite A-level students to his home for revision.  Left to be head of science in Daventry in 1970.  There was a Richard Austin in the 5th year in 1959 so he might have been a former pupil.

    Miss Bache English
Mr D Baker


David (Doughy)

Mr H Bamber


Harry On the school trip to the Lake District in 1957, at a Roman fort on Hadrians wall came up with the phrase "Let's go over to the bakehouse and loaf".

  Mrs P Barnard



  Mr G Barrington



    Mr E C Baxter   Arrived 1963
Mr E G Bennett


Ernest  (Egg or Bimbo)

      Mr R A Bennett PE Bob   He joined Trinity straight from St Luke College in Exeter. He was a hockey player and played for Northampton Saints for many years.  He organised the school cricket tours after Tad Newton left.
  Mr R J Bennett


Richard.  He had had a fairly rotten time as a Japanese prisoner of war. Sadly and rather guiltily I don't think we treated him a lot better than the Japs.  (Ned)

    M J-P Bernard-Herve



    Mr J Bertalot


John (preceded D Baker)

    Miss Bishop   Left 1970
    Mr Bliss Physics  
    Mrs K Bradley



    Miss P Bonorino


Philippa (Pip)

    Mr B Booth

Business Studies


    Mlle M G Borros French Arrived 1963, left 1964
    Miss L E Boyd



    Mrs A W Bradshaw



    Mr J E Brewer


John    (Twitch)

    Miss K Broadhurst

Drama/ French

Kathleen (Kathy)

    Mr K Brunskill



    Mr P Burden  
Mr J S Burgess


Jack (Satch)

  Mr J R Burn


Nickname "Goodly portion" a favourite expression of his

    Mr D Butler



  Mrs Bywater   Arrived 1969
    Mr M Y Cady

French Asst


    Mr T Cahill English/ Latin Thomas?
    Mr J C Campbell Physics (Known as Soupy  or Lofty)
    Mr A Capey

Science Technician


    Miss Catlin

French, PE


    Mr A Chater Chemistry Tony Chater was at the school for 2 years starting 1957.  He went on to be Chair of the British Communist party and then was editor of the Morning Star for 20 yeas.
    Mr TWJ Chater


(Crutch or Plank)  He once produced a small ingot of Uranium metal from a tobacco tin that several of us handled.  Astonishingly dense and heavy.  It did not actually glow and probably was only very slightly radioactive, but somehow I can't imagine that happening today.  Retired 1969

  Dr T Chater


Steve Rapitt adds:  Being a Doctor he had a red gown with ermine trimmings and would stand out in assembly amongst all the other masters wearing black gowns. He did take me for maths but the highlight was the last lesson of the term (particularly if it was  a double period) when he would try to teach the class some culture. He would bring a portable record player and describe and play an orchestral piece by a well-known composer. However it was not only music but also art (including a nude study) that he tried to educate us with. 

    Mr A R Chesters



    Mlle F Chevalier


Left in 1966

Mr LGA Clarke

Wood/ Metalwork/Tech Drawing

(Nobby)  Laurence      Died 5th February 2013 aged 93

    Miss Clegg

Geography, French

The school at that time corresponded with a ship, the letters being sent via Miss Clegg (or Elsie as she was known) to the captain of the ship. I heard after I had left that she finished up marrying him !!  Judith Hopper says I was in Harry Hartwell's form ( I think in my 3rd year) and Miss Clegg's form room was next door. She used to breeze in to see Harry Hartwell - both dressed in their black gowns - and we all thought he was rather smitten as he used to go a bit hot under the collar each time she leaned over his desk!!  As you can imagine a class of 30plus 13/14year old girls gave him rather a hard time over these little scenes!!   Left in 1959

Mr A Clements


“Spike”  Retired in 1966.  Steve Rappitt says: Being a Yorkshireman he often lapsed into stories of his young life and cycling ‘the 12 mile from Bratford t’ Leeds University in General Strike of 1926’

  Miss Clews   Arrived 1959.  D Solomon says: The A stream French class took our GCE early at the age of 15 in 1958. She taught us German and Technical French in 1959.  Sometimes she just got us to do the Times crossword.
    Miss Clothier

Domestic Science, Needlework


    Miss Collins   Left in 1970
    Mr Collins Games  
    Mr D C Collings



    Mrs G L Cosserat



  Mrs Covington   Arrived 1969
    Miss H J Craddock


Heather  - former pupil

    Mr J F Crick


He notably fathered triplets; (unusual in pre fertility treatment days) and I recall one of the girls formally presenting him with three dolls on the playing fields during a staff/school rugger match to mark the event.   He is also the father of Michael Crick who is a presenter on Channel 4 and former presenter on BBC Newsnight

    Mrs P M Crick



    Mrs M Crook



    Miss J Cuppello


She married and became Mrs J Abram (above)

    Mr P Daly

Languages (Latin)


    Mrs D M Dance



    Mr G P Davies



    Miss J Davies



    Mrs P J Davies Mathematics  
    Mr J Dawkins

Combined Studies


    Mrs D A Delahunty



    Mr L Duckett Maths & Tech Drawing The Admiral
    Mrs J Ebsworth



    Miss M E Ekins


"Eccles"    Quote:  Great Legs
    Mr N Ellis



  Miss Evans   Arrived 1959
    Mr D A Evans



    Miss J Farnham



    Mr P A Fellows



    Mr G Flinders



    Mrs J M Flinders


Joan  Became head of Commerce in 1974   (Polly)

  Mr A G Frost


Arthur Gordon    (Jug)

    Mrs B M Fuller



    Mr I M Gibson


Ian  Played for the Saints at that time

  Mr Gilkes   Arrived 1959.  I remember a Mr Gilkes taking us for maths. I think he was either a newly qualified teacher or maybe even a student teacher. I recall he used to go to "The Romany" at lunchtime with some of the sixth formers.  Mr Gilkes was quite tall, skinny and blonde and used to blush very easily.  We were a class of 30+ 15/16year old girls and I remember we gave the poor lad rather a rough time - after all he was not that much older than us and we were quite relentless.  -  Judith Hopper. 

I always had the impression that he was a former pupil from the teaching staff's attitude to him - Dave Solomon
    Mlle G Gilles



    Mrs J M Graham



  Mr IdeC Greaves


Ivan de Carle  Became head of Mathematics in 1974  (Jimmy)

Mr G C Grimshaw


Gary  (Garrod)      [Dad]

    Mrs D Grocock


Diane  (previously had been Mrs D Smith)    Died Jan 2007

    Mr S Grose



Mr S Guffogg

Chemistry/ Science

Stan   Became head of Science and Maths in 1974.  Nickname "Sooty" because of the two tufts of black hair on each side of his bald head.   Steve Rappitt says:  Stan’s favourite form of punishment after a wrong answer or misdemeanour was several pats on the head with the board rubber (chalk boards in those days).

    M M Hairaud



    Miss E B Hale

Economics/ History

Elizabeth (Liz)

    Miss I M Hall


Ex-pupil and head girl

    Miss J C Hamlett



  Mr A Hammond



Mr P J Harris

Geography/Dep Head

“Pip”  Was deputy Head from 1968/72, but had to retire due to ill health.  Died in late 1972

Mr H T Hartwell

Geography/ History/ Careers

Henry  (Harry)

    Mr L G Hasdell


Leonard (Len)

      Miss R Head



    Miss V M  Heaton-Ward


Married Mr R Austin

    Mr C H H Hill


Colin  (Charley)

    Mrs D Hill


Daniele  (formerly known as Mlle Danielle Setphan, but married Mr Len Hill

    Mr L Hill


Len  Left to be head of French at Bective in 1970 (Benny)

  Miss Hinton   Left 1971
    Mr T Hoddle



    Mr Hodson   Left 1970 to return to studying law
  Rev Holley   Left 1960  (part time)
  Mr F N Hogg


Arrived in 1959 and died in 1965

Mrs I E Hogg

Domestic Science

Irene  Retired in 1971

    Mr D W Holland



    Mr R W Hollowell



  Mr W D Houghton


Derek   "Pop"

Mr B S Howard


(Buzzer)  Bernard Scott.  [Jean Robertson believes that he got the nickname "Buzzer" because he used to stand under the buzzer in the mornings as we all arrived in the corridor of the old building in George's Avenue, watching everyone enter the school.]

    Mr A Hutchinson



    Mr B Johnson

English & RE


    Mr D R Jones



    Mr G Jones Games Glyn
  Mr R R Jones


Raeburn Russell.  He was quite a religious Welshman who reprimanded a boy in class for using the oath ‘blimey’ - Steve Rappitt.

  Mr M P Joy


Michael Peter  (Doug)  Head of Geography from 1974

    Mr Jury Woodwork Left 1959
    Mrs J Kenlin

Home Economics


    Mrs R Laughton


Rita (formerly Miss Proud, married an ex-sixth former)

    Mr O W Layzell



  Miss C Lazenby PE Cherry
    Mr Lewis Games "Killer"
Mr J E Linnell

Technical Drawing & Woodwork

Jack  Also taught leatherwork and metalwork

    Mr H M Little



    Miss  B E Littler



  Fr K Kleinbohner



  M F-Y Maguin French Asst Francois Yves     Sept 71 to July 72
    Mr Mahabir


Late 60's

    Mr P Major



    Mrs JAC Martin



    Mr E Matthews


Later taught at Cliftonville Secondary School alongside former pupil Dudley Jewell

    Mr Matthias

Physics. Chemistry


    Mr DHL Meadows



  Mr S L Meakins

Art (later music)


Mr J I Meldrum

Languages, Geography

Ian (Jock).  Known as Hamish in earlier years.

    Miss Merrick

English & Music

Got married in 1955 and became Mrs Norton & left soon after

    Miss H L Mills



    Mrs R Milne

Home Economics


    Mr Mullinger English & Music  
    Mr I Murfitt

Geography/ Road Safety


  Mr E G Newell

Physics & Chemistry

Taffy (or Taffy Kniowall)

    Mr RAW Newton


(Tad)   Many people remember Tad as a good teacher.  He was also a good cricketer who encouraged many of us to play at club level...and organised the school tour each year.  A group of us from school would often see Tad in The Romany pub on a Sunday night. We’d be there whenever Horace M Smith (a very good, very funny and very entertaining jazz band led by a musician called John Percival) were playing. I recall that we even got a drink out of him on one occasion. Tad is an accomplished Trombone player and has (or certainly had) his own local jazz band. 

    Mr BCG Nokes


Bernard.   Who was far too nice a bloke and we played him up something rotten

    Mr L Northover

Design & Technology

Les.  He was a former pupil and is on the 1958 school photo on section 4  (4 U 5).  He is now retired and still lives in the area.

    Mr J J Nortney


(Nogger)  He left shortly after the 1958 photo was taken.  He became head of maths at All Hallows School, Manchester and later Deputy Head of St Cuthbert's, Bolton.  He died in 2003, exactly on his 84th birthday.  Left in 1959

    Mrs J Oxley



    Miss G Palmer



    Miss M Passfield



    Mrs A Paton


One of her famous one liners was "watch the board girls, while I run through it" which of course caused us great hilarity.

    Mr J F Percival



    Miss A J Perkins



    Miss M A Pettiffer



    Mr R Pettitt



    Miss V Philip



    Mr S Phillips

Maths, Book-Keeping


    Mr J Pleasant



    Mrs Powell-Smith   Arrived 1960
  Mr K K Price



    Miss Price



    Miss R M Proud


Rita  Left in 1972 to go to Weston Favell Upper School

    Mrs M Queenborough



    Mlle Raignier


French mistress from French Algeria, the sex interest of most of the male pupils (lets face it there wasn't much competition)  Left in 1959  (Spelling probably Reignier)

    Mr A Rayton



  Mr L Reynolds


Nickname Debbie after the film actress - Metalwork

    Miss Rhead  
    Mr Robb Maths Senior Maths Master
  Canon Robinson   Left 1960  (part time)
    Mr M Roe


Unfortunate Mr Roe (nicknamed Andy) came from the Grammar School where he had a reputation of being unable to keep order in class. Unfortunately for him many of us had friends at the grammar school and knew of his weakness, consequently the rebels in class tested him out. Class disorder became so bad on one day that Stan Guffog burst in asking ‘What the hell is going on’.  Stan resumed taking our chemistry lessons and we did not see Andy again. - Steve Rappitt

    Mr DJJ Rooke

Physics/ Careers

Dennis   (Former Pupil)   Head of Physics from 1974

    Miss I M Rudling


Judith Hopper says:  Miss Rudling was quite a petite lady who taught games and had short, thick, flaming red hair. She was also quite religious and led bible study classes at her home. All us girls who didn't like athletics would agree before the start of a run to go at the same pace and cross the line together. Unfortunately, Miss Rudling cottoned on to this one and punished us by making the whole group run round the track for the rest of the double period.  Miss Rudling also used to organise a Staff v School Hockey Match on the last day of term before the summer holidays started. Many of the staff used to play in fancy dress.  Steve Rappitt says:  taught us English in early years. She used to come to English lesson either preparing for, or after girls hockey lesson complete with short skirt! She was petite (and very fiery) but had admirable thighs!

    Mr F P Ruffoni

Economics/ Sociology


    Mr A Saffrey


Andrew  (is still working at Unity College)

      Mr E J Scrivener



  Mr E Sealey


Edward or Edwin

    Mr B Sillett



    Mr M D Singleton



    Mr BRF Smith



  Mrs D V Smith



    Mr H D Smith



    Mr H J Smith



    Mr W Smith



  Mr A Smithurst


Arrived 1959

    Mr D E Spence


David   (Des)

    Miss Stanford



    Mrs M Stapleton Admin  
    Mlle Stephan French Arrived 1966
    Mr J E Strickland

Sport & Geography


    Miss P Stroud


She started in 1960, replacing Miss Rudling.  I remember Miss Rudling dislocated her elbow in a staff/pupil (1st XI girls) hockey match after being bumped into by Val Rhodes.  The match was never played again the staff said it was too dangerous!!!

    Miss Strover   Left in 1970
  Mr G N Syer


Arrived 1959

    Mr H R Sykes



    Mrs B D Taylor


Senior Mistress.  Judith Hopper says:  Mrs Taylor was my favourite teacher in all my years at Trinity. She taught commerce in Room 15, the penthouse at the top of The Tower. The Commerce Room was well known for the sound of a record Mrs Taylor played which we had to type in time to - everyone passing the room used to comment on hearing the ringing of a typewriter bell and the words "carriage return" when we typed to within the last 6 characters of a line. She was a very strict but fair teacher and set out to teach all her pupils the rudiments of office etiquette in the late 1950s/early 1960s.   Each day we would have an inspection of finger nails and lectures on how young ladies would not dream of going to work in an office in trousers, no stockings etc. and we were always told to be prepared on our first day at work and to take our own pencils and shorthand notebooks with us.  I remember my first day at work at Express Lifts when I was shown to my typewriter - I was horrified at the thing in front of me.  Trinity was a brand new school the year I started and all our office equipment was very up to date - electric Golfball typewriters if you please!!! I, very naively, expected to be provided with the same type of equipment when I started work and instead got an old Royal manual typewriter. Even when we had new typewriters at "Express" we still had manual models - Imperial 66!!.  Not up to the standard of Trinity I'm afraid.

    Mrs P A Taylor


She left in early '73 to have her first child - but invited her 6th form maths class to her home for one morning a week for lessons around her dining table.  Apparently the school wouldn't allow such a heavily pregrant woman to work on the premises.

Mr L W Timms


Len  (Tiger, later changed to Tigger)  Deputy Head from 1972 - 1988

    Mr Tite Physics  
    Mr P Tompkins

French  Dep Head

Percy  Deputy Head from 1946 to 1956

    Mr D N Vivian



  Mr R Waller



Mrs B E Watson

Senior Mistress/ Domestic Science


    Miss L Webster



    Mr B West PE Bryan  Left 1970 to play rugby for Wakefield Trinity.  Previously he has played for Northampton Saints.  There was a huge amount of press interest because he was the first player to leave the Saints - an amateur Rugby Union side - to join a professional Rugby League side.  He also played for England while working at Trinity Grammar School and toured South Africa in 1968 with the British & Irish Lions.
Miss M Wilkinson



    Mr Williams

Book Keeping & Commerce


    Mr J A Williams



    Mr D H Wilson


Taught from 1964 - 67

    Mr E Winkworth   Eddie "Tank"  (former pupil)  Left 1972 to teach Maths at Delapre Upper School
    Mr Wiseman   1969 - 1970   Ken
  Mrs Wrigley Maths Arrived 1959
  Mr F C Wright

Deputy Head

Frank (Gunner)  Deputy Head from 1956 - 1968

    Mrs S M Wright



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