Unity College

The Unity College LogoOn the 2nd September 2004 the replacement school for the one that we knew, opened its doors for the first time.  It had become a Church of England School, under the Diocese of Peterborough.  It was to provide Church of England Secondary Education in Northampton for the first time.   After much work and planning, Trinity had finally become Unity College.  A school designed for 1,200 11 - 18 year old pupils.

In September 2010 it was all change again.  The school has now become the Malcolm Arnold Academy.  It has a new name, a new Principal, and new sponsors, the David Ross Foundation.  The easiest way to find out about the new Academy is to visit their own website.  [go]

The information below relates to the school as it was at re-opening, following the demolition of the famous Tower.  This was written in 2008.

Lapel BadgeDuring the summer holidays, building work had been stepped up with hundreds of contractors on site to make all of the necessary changes to convert the old Trinity School buildings into Unity College.  Not all of the investment work is finished and there is still a long way to go.  There was enough of the new facilities in place to allow the school to open.  Work on the famous old Tower to bring it up to the latest standards has still to take place, and facilities like the library have still to be built.

Unity College is a Church of England school, which is designed to house  more than 1,200 pupils when complete.  It is part of the Diocese of Peterborough.

It was officially opened by the Bishop of Peterborough, the Rt Rev Ian Cundy,  on the 18th October 2004.

The school building programme continued, and new buildings have taken the place of all of the Old Trinity School buildings.  These were finally completed in early 2008, and on Friday 29th February 2008 the new school was dedicated by the Archbishop of York.  

Official OpeningSchool RulesThe Start of the New School

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