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Trinity High School was a mixed school for pupils that passed the 11-plus exam, but who had a preference for more technical or commercial education.

This website traces the history of the school and includes a wealth of memories, lots of pictures of life at Trinity High newspaper cuttings and other material from the '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s.
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Originally The Technical High School, it became Trinity High School, and finally Trinity Grammar School during this period, so anyone who attended the school in Trinity Avenue, Northampton, under any of these names should enjoy using this site, since most of the material relates to the period up to 1974.

There is also news of later years, so any former pupils or anyone else with an interest in the school should find it fascinating too.  There is a section for news, photos etc, from the period after 1974 when it became Trinity School.  The school continued as a comprehensive until it closed on the 9th July 2004.  After extensive new building work it reopened as Unity College, a Church of England school, in September 2004.  The original development plan had been to refurbish all of the old Trinity buildings, including the famous tower, but in April 2005 the plan changed and it was decided to demolish all of the old buildings and replace them with new ones.  Demolition began at the beginning of August 2005 and was complete within less than a month.  There is now nothing remaining of the old Trinity School.  The school changed again, and is now the Malcolm Arnold Academy.

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There are lots of memories on this site: some happy and some not so happy - like the item on the old detention book.  They and many of the photographs have been retrieved from school scrapbooks; others have been sent in by former pupils.

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This website is produced by Ian Dow, a pupil at the school from 1958 - 1965.  It is run with no profit and no advertising, as a history of the old school and the memories of the pupils that attended.  Its costs are met by Ian and by donations made at the Annual Trinity Tower Reunion, previously held each November (but currently taking a break since the one in 2017).

The website needs new material to keep it fresh and interesting.  If you have some material that could be added, then use the e-mail link below to send it to me, or to discuss it.  If you wish to speak on the phone, then e-mail giving your phone number and I will call you back.  If you have material, but cannot scan it, then again if you e-mail me, I will send you an address for postage.  I live in Peterborough. 

If you have spotted any errors, then use the e-mail link to send details.  Please add as much detail as possible to make it easier for me to find it and rectify it.

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