Panoramic Photographs of the Whole School

A Section of the 1963 Photo

Every few years the school had a panoramic photograph taken of all of the pupils.  These were taken with a camera that moved slowly round.  It is rumoured that someone once managed to appear on both ends of the picture.

Here we have five of these photos, taken in July 1947, September 1952, July 1958, September 1963 and  May 1968. 

Each photo is indexed, with a grid reference system to enable people to be picked out.  The photos are indexed both alphabetically and by grid reference.  If you are looking for someone then use the alphabetic index, or if you spot a face but cannot put a name to it, then use the grid index, which is below the photo.  More details of the indexing system are given below.  The Alphabetic Index for pupils is separate for each photo and can be found from the main photo page.

The teachers are identified in a common index, as some of them are on all five photos.  There are also more photos of staff with identifications in the School History section.  You can access all of the photo, plus the Teacher Index from the buttons above.   

The Indexing System

On each photo the first page shows the complete panoramic picture.  Click on the part of the photo that interests you to see a larger version.  If you do not know which part you or the person you are looking for might be, then start at the left hand end and work along.  If you see someone you recognise then place your mouse on the photo to bring up the grid system (it disappears again when you take the mouse away).  The first number of the index reference is the Photo Section number (shown under the title block), followed by the Column letter, Row number, and sometimes L or R when there are two people in one column.  There is a little overlap between each photo section, so if you are right on the edge, check the next section as well and use whichever reference shows you best.  If the person is not already identified then click on the mail link on the main page for each photo to send me the reference, and I will add them to the index.

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