1947 School Photo - Section 1


Move your mouse over the photo to bring up the grid lines.  The index of people in this section of the photo is shown below. 

Col Row Name
B 2 Mick Howard
B 6 Peter Crisp
D 3 David Amey
D 6 Peter Keedle
E 1 David Knighton
E 2 Leslie Wildman
E 3 Roy Ward
E 6 Ray Arnold
F 5 Fred Bird
G 3 John Mattock
G 5 Terry Rose
H 1 Eric Tarpley
H 3 David (?) Blencoe
J 6 Terry Ward
K 1 Reg Scaldwell
L 1 Peter Downes
M 1 Ken Keay
M 5 Gerald Labrum
M 6 Alan Aldridge
N 1 Brian Gamble
N 2 Colin Atwell
N 4 David Blundell
O 5 Malcolm Bruley
O 6 John Lovell
Q 2 John Robinson
Q 4 Reg Allen
Q 6 Alan Parker
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