1947 School Photo - Section 2

Move your mouse over the photo to bring up the grid lines.  The index of people in this section of the photo is shown below. 

Col Row Name
A 3 Maurice Clayton
A 6 Alan Penn
B 1 Brian Knibb
B 2 Neville Mutton
B 4 Mick Buswell
B 5 Fred Matthews
C 1 Alan Lovell
C 1 Bob Wills
C 2 G Lock
C 4 Dave Morley
C 5 Geoff Edwards
E 3 Ken Plackett
E 5 Tony Woods
F 1 John Smith
F 3 ?  Tremain
F 5 Ian Lloyd
G 2 Peter Kellet
G 3 Mick Fielding
G 4 Roy Dickerson
H 1 Ken Jeffs
H 3 Jim Garner
H 4 Gerald Butt
J 3 Peter Marks
J 4 Michael Marks
K 1 Bas Root
K 3 J Wardle
K 4 John Wright
L 2 Michael Dunmore
M 2 Norman French
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