The 1963 School Photo

This photo was taken in September 1963 of the whole school, using a camera that panned round.  If you are looking for yourself or someone else on this photo, click on it roughly where you think you or they may be and then look at the larger version.  If you see who you are looking for, then place your mouse over the photo to bring up a grid, and then look down at the index underneath to see if the person has been identified.  Moving your mouse away from the photo will remove the lines (the version with lines is lower quality).  If you do not know whereabouts on the photo to look, then click on the left side of the photo, and move along the sections one my one.  There are arrows for doing this on each section.

There is also a high quality version of each section, if you would like to look in more detail click on the link below each photo section.  Once you have identified someone who is not already on the index use the e-mail link below, telling me which year the photo was taken, the section number, the row number and the column letter.  If there are two people in the square, then finally add left or right.       []

The alphabetic index of names currently contains 488 people. 

The index for teachers is combined for all of the photos and can be found from the link above.  The alphabetic index can be found from the button below.

Alphabetic Index

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