School Life

This part of Pupil Memories contains all of those memories and photos about life in school.  It shows a slice of life from all of the different times, right back from the early days, and through to the early 70's.

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  Life in School  
A mid-60's Style Icon Bob Ashby
Students and Refugees  
School Cadets Michael McMahon
Some memories of 3S (1963) Peter Verity
School Caps Michael Roberts & others
A Thought from Bob Sanders Bob Sanders
Double Detentions Byron Dun
Memories of School Teachers, Pupils & Rules John & Janet Anderton
Morning Assembly at some time in 1961 Roy Martin
2S’ Detention Register 1962-63 Bill Rich
AJ Ward (taken with a box brownie) David Bissonnet
Try for Ten 1968 James Sorrie & Bill Rich
1960's School Fashion Bob Ashby
Linda Lewis' memories of school in the 1950's Linda Lewis (now Battye)
Janet George in Uniform & with Amanda Spokes Janet George
My Memories of School Life and the Staff Who Controlled It Peter Douglas
My Last Day at School Peter Douglas
Wider Horizons  -  How the School Year Ended in 1963 Peter Douglas
Songs of Praise: Voices from the Past Peter Douglas
Other School Moments Remembered Peter Douglas
The School Uniform and Homework Rules in 1956 Peter Douglas
Gunner's Dilemma Barry Druker
Memories of staff and pupil from Paul Courtney Paul Courtney
The Gideon Bible Ian Elvey
My First Day at School in September 1955 Roger Smith
Career Choices Roger Smith
The Sixth Form Quiz Bill Rich
The Camera Club Alan Moore
Memories of School Life in The Early Days of THS Mike Haggett
The Bus Journey to School Susan Harris (now Shepard)
Derick Cooper Remembers Detentions Derick Cooper
In Search Of A Quiet Man:  A Chemistry Experiment Bill Rich & Peter Douglas
Various Memories of School from 1957 - 61 Peter Holden 
Photo Album from The Rookes Dennis Rooke & Jill Dyer (now Rooke)
Paul Bacon's Photo Album of the early 60's Paul Bacon
Some magnificent trophies made in the Woodwork Department Mike Fielding
Colin Travill on the 1952 School Photo Colin Travill
Freda Baker's School Photos Freda Baker (now Skelton)
Alan Hames in school uniform on his motorcycle in 1960 Alan Hames
The Beatles Concert at the ABC Nov 1963 Brian Hall
Photographic Club - Passport Photo Practice Alan Moore
Lounging About at the Top of the Tower Alan Moore
While in CV19 lockdown some memories returned from school days Ken Watson
The Tower Revisited  - The website for former Pupils of the Technical High School, Trinity High School & Trinity Grammar School, Northampton