Miscellaneous Memories

This part of Pupil Memories contains a miscellaneous mix of memories and photos about the school and its pupils that did not fit in to the other categories.  There is a large mix of items.

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  Miscellaneous Memories of the old School  
Music of the Era - Jack Lear and the 5 Olympics Jack Lear
Northampton Bus of the 60's John Child
Another photo of a fully restored 1960's Northampton bus John Child
High Tech Toys of the Era Peter Crofts
The Twenty Year Reunion Susan Harris (now Shepard)
Photo of Old Northampton Bob Sanders
Memories from the Communications Board  
Memories from Graham Harding  (1961 - 1967) Graham Harding
Trinity Old Boys And Girls Organisation Courtney Finn
Suzanne de la Mare's Photo Gallery Suzanne de la Mare (now Douglas)
Jane New's Photo Gallery from the early/mid 70's Jane New (now Farrow)
School Reunion in 1991 Anita Evans (now Mallard)
Keith Hutchins Photo Gallery Keith Hutchins
Elsie Brown Bernard Brown
Life After School by Bob Thorogood Bob Thorogood
My Memories of Life After the Technical High School Lorna Eedes (now Selby)
Reminiscences from the Other Side of the World Jan George
A School Reunion at Franklins Gardens Mick McMahon
My Early Life in the 40's and 50's Pam Williams (now Taylor)
It Was Fifty Years Ago Today..... Rod Wilkins
The No 14 Bus Mike Edmunds
The Annual Dinner 1964 Peter Douglas
The Leeds Annual Dinner 1964 Peter Douglas
The 1962 Group Reunions of the 1990's Martin Goodman
Railway Excursion Ticket for a trip in Wales in 1963 Paul Bacon
THS Christmas Card Roger Martin
Former Pupils meet up in Australia Phil Taylor
Request on the Radio Ron Johnson
Photos of two former pupils in later life John Atkinson
Rita Humber's photos from the mid-60's Rita Humber
An Article on Mike Edmunds fully restored Northampton bus, with photos of the 2006 reunion Mike Edmunds
The "Trinity 3" Ian Dow
A.N.T.H.O.S Colin Ashmore
The Tower Revisited  - The website for former Pupils of the Technical High School, Trinity High School & Trinity Grammar School, Northampton