The School

This part of Pupil Memories contains all of those memories and photos of the School itself and of the School Pupils and Forms.

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  Memories of the School  
The School taken in 1960 from Balfour Road Martin Verity
My Memories of the Beginnings of the Technical High School Lorna Eedes (now Selby)
Memories of School Staff Steve Rappitt
Members of the Lower Sixth taken in early 1963 Colin Skears
Fifth Year Science Group 1963 Judith Merriman
Biology Class of the early 70's David Newman
Form 5 in 1965 Janet Baucutt (now Jan Brown)
A mixture of Forms 4F and 4AL taken in 1962 Val Clarke (now Bierton)
Fourth Year Languages Group 1962 with Mr Timms Mary Evans (now Kelly)
Form 5 in 1963 Susan Harris (now Shepard)
The School Playing Fields Colin Skears
The Sixth Form Science Group 1965 Janet George
The Second Generation John & Janet Anderton
The Occupation of the New Buildings Peter Douglas
Demolition and Nostalgia on Trinity Avenue Peter Douglas
The Tower in 1973 Keith Hutchins
Class of 74 Lorraine Ward (now Young)
The Girls Class of 1972 Just Before Leaving School Anita Evans (now Mallard)
Form 6US 1964 - 65 Stephen Kirby
Anne Smith Remembers the Summer of 71 Anne Smith  (now Wilson)
Photos Of Pupils Around the School in 1964/65/66 Vivienne Mortimer
Tuck Shop Money Boxes Dennis Rooke
An Award from the late 40's Norman French
Roland Law's Photo Album Around the School Roland Law
Speech Day 1953 Lorna Eades (nowSelby)
Speech Day 1963 Peter Douglas
Speech Day 1974 Roland Law
Sixth Form Brochure 1982 Bob Watts
Irene Worth's Photos of 1963 Irene Worth (now Clarke)
Audrey Ward's Photos from 1951 - 1954 Audrey Ward
Pictures of the School in 1974 Bill Rich
Form 3J in 1971/72 Tony Osborne
Jeff Pittam's Memories of School Jeff Pittam
The Tower in August 1964 Peter Douglas
First Year Classes in 1969 Tim Ribbans
Class 5 Photo - 1955 Tony Kingston
The Class in 1958 or 59 a Photo from the Chronicle & Echo Peter Douglas
School Speech Day April 1963 Peter Douglas
John Brewer Struggles to Buy Books in 1979 David Phillips
Speech Day 1970 Janet Bird (now Ellis)
Form Numbering in the 60's George Inns
The School in Winter 1963 Alan Moore
Three more photos of the School in 1963 Alan Moore
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