This part of Pupil Memories contains all of those memories and photos about sporting activities.  From rugger teams, sports days, hockey, netball and much more.  It shows activities from all of the different times, right back from the early days, and through to the early 70's.

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  Sporting Activities  
School Sports Day 1960 Anthony Hancock
A  Very Wet and Windy Sports Day Terry Chapman
Sports Day in 1963 with Form 5A Bob & Val Bierton
Sports Day in 1963 - tug o war and the javelin Mike Kingston
Programme for Sports Day 1963 Peter Douglas
Programme for School Sports Day 1969 Ken Watson
The 1948-49 Rugby Team Norman French
School Rugger Team 1950-51 Ian Hamilton
1956-57 Rugger Team Christine Pettifer (now Cooper)
The 1956-57 School Rugger Team Bob Gooseman
The Under 13 Rugger Team 1958 Pete Chillingsworth
Rugby Teams in the early 1970's David Newman
Kelvin Rugby Team around 1961 Rod Whiteman
Rugger Teams 1960-61 Dennis Rooke
Rugger Team 1969-70 Steve Garrett
Rugby Training 1973 Keith Hutchins
Trevor Kirby's Rugger Photos Trevor Kirby
Under 13's Rugger Team of 1960-61 Terry Jackson
U13 School Rugger Team 1961-62 Tim Ireson
The Mobbs Rugby Team 1961-62 David Brown
Six-a-side Football Team 1961-62 Brian Hall
Rugger Scores 1961/62 Brian Hall
1962-63  U15 Rugger Team Dave Snedker
The 1976 Rugby Tour to France Graham Ball
U15 & U16 Rugger Teams in 1972 & 1974 Tim Ribbans
Inter-House Cup 1960-61 Michael McMahon
Netball Team (1965) Jackie Brown (now Garrett)
Netball Team 1969-70 Sue Lane (now Hewitt)
Photos of the Table Tennis Marathon, and 1968/9 Rugger Team Ian Jones
School Hockey & Rounders Teams 1948-49 Sheila Edmunds (now Orr)
The 1951 School Hockey Team Lorna Eedes (now Selby)
Hockey Team (1965?) Jackie Brown (now Garrett)
The School Hockey Team  1951 Carol Shaw (now Chamberlain)
Trevor Kirby's Basketball Photos Trevor Kirby
Under 13 Cricket Team (1965?) Steve Garrett
The 1964 U15 Cricket Team Ricky Summers
Football at St Matthews 1957-58 Pete Chillingsworth
The Lesser of Two Evils:  The Cross Country Run Peter Douglas
The Art Of Getting Out Of Games Peter Douglas
The Gym on the Racecourse Peter Fruish
The Early Days of THS - Sports Facilities Mike Haggett
Roland Law's Photo Sports Album Roland Law
The Cross Country Course Peter Douglas
Gary Grimshaw's Photographs Gary Grimshaw
Mike Joy's Memories of his last ever Rugby Match Mike Joy
Gary Grimshaw's Rugger Notebook Bob Thorogood
1958/59 Rugger First Team Paul Ryan
1965/66 Burghley Rugger Team Philip Renshaw
First Year Rugger Team 1968/69 David Mayes
The Trinity Old Boys Rugby Club Mick Adhemar
Photo from Sports Day 1956 John Atkinson
Rugger memories from 1969 and 1970 Cliff March
A series of action photos from School Sports Day in 1963 Alan Moore
The 1963 School Cross Country Run Alan Moore
The Mobbs and Under 14 School Cricket Teams in 1967 Adrian Wright
The 1963 School Swimming Gala Alan Moore
The 1965 Under 13 Rugby Team Adrian Wright
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