The School Staff

"Tiger" Timms


This part of Pupil Memories contains all of those memories and photos of the school staff.

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  The School Staff  
How Did "Gunner" Wright get his Name? Janet Facer (now Anderton) & others
Ned Bennett & The Second World War James Sorrie
"Jock" Meldrum, the Wee Canny Scot David Bissonnet
Memories of Taffy Newell and others Howard Linsley
The Games We Played, or Grim Memories Of The Rugby Field Peter Douglas
Two Memories of "Gunner" Wright Peter Douglas
When Worlds Collide:  Music Appreciation With Dr. Chater Peter Douglas
Taffy Newell Peter Douglas
ARMA VIRUMQUE CANO - Memories of Richard Bennett Peter Douglas
À La Recherche Du Temps Perdu:  Remembering Ian Meldrum Peter Douglas
Nobby Clark as remembered by Dave Thorneycroft Dave Thorneycroft
Mr Casey as remembered by P Osborne P Osborne
Staff Photos in 1958 from Christine Pettifer Christine Pettifer (now Cooper)
The Tiger is Tamed Roger Smith
The Right Idea - John Crick Roger Smith
Harry Hartwell Roger Smith
The Legendary "Gunner" Dave Littlewood and Janet Facer
Memories of Nobby & Buzzer Michael Taylor-Noonan
Mike Haggett's Memories of Teachers Mike Haggett
What Would Gunner Say? Robin Westley
Harry Hartwell - An Appreciation Dave Littlewood
My Memories of the Teachers in the Early Years Christine Harmston
"Killer" Lewis Terry Smith
Tony Underlin Remembers The Staff Tony Underlin
Gary Grimshaw's Photo Album Bob Thorogood
English Master, Mr Crick has triplets Peter Douglas
Memories of Staff from the 50's & 60's Jenny Knight & Patrick Whitehead
Northamptonshire, Its Land & People, a book written by "Pip" Harris Bob Sanders
Mr Austin was a physics teacher who gave lessons on radio activity Chris James
Steve has a memory of his father Jim Nortney, a teacher in the 1950s Steve Nortney
Barry has memories of school & staff in the 1950s Barry Dearsley
The Tower Revisited  - The website for former Pupils of the Technical High School, Trinity High School & Trinity Grammar School, Northampton