School Trips

This part of Pupil Memories contains all of those memories and photos about school trips, covering field trips as part of a course, holiday trips at home and abroad and some day-trips. 

It shows trips from all of the different times, right back from the early days, and through to the early 70's.

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  School Trips   
Sea Trip on the Green Dolphin in the late 1940's Norman French
School Journey to Norfolk 1948 Norman French
School Holiday to Lazely Holiday Camp 1st to 8th July 1949 Sheila Edmunds (now Orr)
School Trips in 1952 and 1953 Terry Smith
School Journey to Bassenthwaite in the Lake District 1957 Dave Solomon
Trip to Bassenthwaite in July 1957  (The photos) Terry Blundell
Trip to Noordwijk Terry Blundell
Trip to the Isle of Wight in April 1958 Terry Blundell
School Trip to Lloret del Mar 1962 Janet George
Holiday to Koblenz, Germany,  April 1963 Julie Haycock
Visit  to Holland in 1963 Susan Harris (now Shepard)
Visit  to Switzerland in 1963 Susan Harris (now Shepard)
Outing to Billing Aquadrome Mary Evans & Janet George
The School Camp to The Gower 1964 Ricky Summers
School Camp - Longtown 1965 Vivian Pike (Weir)
A Day Out in Trafalgar Square in Summer 1965 Martin Verity
Geography Field Trips in 1965 & 67 Mike Edmunds
Bill Rich Remembers Gunner's Challenge  1967 Bill Rich
The Abington Park Lake Survey Ian McIlhiney
The Trip to Morecambe in 1968 including Bill's Nostalgic Return 40 years later Bill Rich & Peter Verity
Skiing Trip to Pertisau, Austria April 1969 Roland Law
Sixth Form Zoology, including a Field Trip to Swannage (1970?) Paul Mallard
Field Trip to Swanage April 1970 Steve Garrett
Field Trips to North & South Wales October 1970 & April 71 Steve Garrett
School Cruise to the Mediterranean in 1972 Tony Osborne
School Trip to Dovedale in May 1972 Bill Rich
School Trip to the Lake District in September 1972 Bill Rich
School Trip to Vienna Tim Ribbans
School Trip to Swanage March 1974 Bill Rich
Bill Rich takes a look at a 1951 School Journey in modern times Bill Rich
 A school trip in July 1948 on the Green Dolphin in very cold weather Robin Burrows
Geography Trip to Wales in March 1965 Pat Collett
School Journey to Bexhill in July 1956 Geoff Winckles
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