School Cadets

Michael McMahon sent in this memory

Below is a photigraf of meself and Spud Murphy taken in 1960 when we woz in the Army cadets. At that time there was a very big continent of T.H.S. lads in them... To name a few Pete Holden, Dick Jackson, Tony Marriot (jazz drummer from N,pton) whom I hear sadly died but had one heck of a send off like the town had never seen, Tommy Mace and several others. I am in the process of trolling thro' all my family's old photies 'specially skool ones wen i get em i'll pass them on for all to larf at.


I ope u like the spellin I went to T.H.S. so's I wudnt have to do langwiges. Seeing the Year book for 59/60 Mr. Burgess taught both Tech. drawing and also leather-work (shoe making) if I remember correctly. I was also particularly pleased to see that such a personage as Ed. (Tank) Winkworth who ended up teaching at the Alma Mater was also in my form(s) 3C and 4C as I forgot that.


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