Ken Watson's Lockdown Memories

Ken Watson, who was at Trinity from 1964 - 1970 was thinking about the old school days while in lockdown from CV-19.  He came up with these comments about school life of the time.

I remember going up the stairs in the tower, sometime cheekily taking the lift by the back stairs even though it was reserved for teachers.  The rooms in the tower used to get very hot in summer, sometimes we would kick off our shoes with the resulting deterioration in classroom odour!

In those days we still got milk at break, only much later Maggie stopped it.  I don't remember any tuckshop, just latterly a chocolate machine.  From the refectory, the boys used to look across the road where a woman sat topless in her bedroom every morning drying her hair.  When the leering became too blatant she complained to Buzzer.  

School lunches were taken at the Nissen huts behind the girls' grammar so we enjoyed a little walk.  As I recall the food was ok. 

When the P.E. teachers Griffiths etc didn't fancy working they sent us on a cross country for the afternoon.  A mate of mine lived on the route so we used to pop in for tea and biscuits the take a short cut back to school.  

Amazing what memories pop up when we are in quarantine!
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