Radio Request

Ron Johnson found this old recording from a radio programme in the 60's.  It starts with a request from Davina Seck, who went to Trinity from 1958 to 1964.  She asked for a song from a group called Mal & The Primitives, who were playing live on that show.  You can hear the request and a short piece of the music from the link below.



Ron did not attend Trinity, he was in Towcester, but he tells me:

Some time ago my brother digitised all our reel-to-reel tapes from the 50s and 60s. On one, there is a recording of a radio programme featuring Mal & The Primitives.

The announcer reads out a request card, which is from a ‘Davina Seck, of Northampton’ and it lists her friends. Obviously it wasn’t difficult to trace such an unusual name, and I found her on your website.

As pure coincidence, I was the bass player for a band called DARK, whose founder member all hailed from Trinity in the 60s.

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