Rita Humber's Photos

Rita Phillips (was Rita Humber at school) brought along some photos to the 2018 Class of 63 Mini Reunion.  A couple of them already appear elsewhere on the website.

Janet George and me.  
Janet had been knocked off her bike by a car door being opened, hence the damage and plaster of Paris
Me, Janet George and Cynthia Timms
L to R. Christine Harding, Sandra Glover, Sandra Perrin, Valerie Major, Cynthia Timms, me and Janet George
Sandra Perrin, Sandra Glover and Christine Harding  
Irene Worth, Jill Lucas, Valerie Clark and Sandra Glover  
Christine Harding, Sandra Glover and Sandra Perrin 
School Trip to Koblenz 1963
Back Row:  Nick Smith, Julie Haycock, Chivers, Janet George, Rita Humber
Front Row:  Sandra Woolard; Christine Harding 
Trip to Spain 1962
Cynthia Timms, Derek Bampkin, ?,  Rita Humber, Sandra Glover, Chris Harding, Sandra Perrin
Iolanthe - me in the second from right on the front row, kneeling
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