The "Trinity 3"

The first Annual Trinity Tower Reunion came about by accident really.  Just before Christmas in 2002 I went on to the, now long forgotten, Friends Reunited website.  It was not my first visit, but usually I took a quick look and left quickly.  School had not been something I enjoyed and I actually had very few memories of it.  However, this time, for some reason, perhaps the Festive Spirit, I registered with my school details and year.  Within 12 hours John Ingham had messaged me.  He said "Do you remember me?  We used to meet every morning outside your house and then cycle to school".  Well, sadly the honest answer was no.  I did not say that.  A couple of days later John Child joined the conversation.

As we started to swap more messages, things started to come back to me.  It was no longer so vague.  Some time in the new year we decided to meet up and arranged a Sunday lunch in March for the three couples at the Hopping Hare (it burnt down shortly afterwards, but has since been rebuilt, and we went there for the July 2018 Class of 63 Reunion). 

Before we met, I had been giving the old school a lot more thought, and then realised that 2003 was 40 years since we had finished the fifth form.  Now I had never ever wanted to go to a reunion, and certainly not run one, but the idea of a 40-year reunion appealed for some strange reason.

Having had lunch I said "Do you realise that it is 40 years since we finished the fifth form, perhaps we should organise a reunion".  There was much looking down at feet and muttering, so I said I will organise it, if you help.  Great idea they said.  We formed a small reunion committee, and ran the first reunion in 2003.  There have been 14 more since then, and I have not ruled out having another in the future, it was just time for a break. 

Below is a picture from yesterday.  I think we may have aged a little!  (photo courtesy of JC)

Ian Dow 24th November 2018
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