Colin Ashmore was at THS from 1953 to 1958.  It was the Technical High School in those days.  He recently found some material in an old portable writing desk.  A friend had found it, and Colin helped to open it, as it was locked and they had no key.  Inside they found some paperwork and books about an organisation called A.N.T.H.O.S.  This was the first ever organisation for Former Pupils of the school and was founded in 1947.  The Association of Northampton Technical High School Old Students.

It's President was someone most of us knew, Mr. B. S. Howard.  At first it made me wonder if he had been a former pupil, but he had moved to Northampton when he became head in 1946, so would not have been a pupil.  He would have gone to school elsewhere. 

It does not seem to have lasted too long.  The accounts book only has details for 1947 and 1948, and so does the building society account.  It organised social events and they hired the Town Hall more than once for a cost of £5-5s-0d and on at least one occasion paid an extra £1-0-6d for the use of the piano and lighting.  In May 1948 you can see a list of people who piad fares to go to Gt Yarmouth. 

You can see materials from the Association below.  Sorry, in the social accounts book, it is an old fashioned size and the pages are longer than my scanner.  Occasionally the bottom of the page is missing.


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