"Pip" Harris Book

Bob Sanders was at Trinity in the 60's and now lives in Australia.  Some years ago he bought a copy of a book written by Pip Harris and Mr P W Hartop entitled Northamptonshire, Its Land & People.  The book was first published in 1950, but it was many years later when Bob searched around and found a copy in a book shop in Wales. 

The book is far too big to copy it all on to the website, and so I have put a sample of the first few pages below.  I will be sending the original to John Atkinson's archive in Northampton [here].  If you wish to read the book, then you can arrange to go and see it.  It should be available in the Archive in early October. 

The book is about Northamptonshire and its people.  It is a Geography book, which is no surprise.  This copy was bought in 1952, and was bought by Bob in the last 15 years from a bookshop in Wales and had it shipped out to Australia.  Having read it he has now decided that he has finished with it, and has shipped it back to the UK to me and shortly, I will send it to John for the Archive.  This is a well-travelled book.

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