Mr Nortney

On the 1958 School Photo
This is not really a pupil memory, but very interesting.  This memory comes from Steve Nortney, whose father Jim was a teacher at THS on the 1950s.

On the 1958 School Photo my father Jim Nortney (Maths), is in section 2 F5, he would have been 39 in that photograph.   (He is also on section 3 B5 in the 1952 photo.)

He left the school at the end of the summer term in 1958 and we (I was aged 4) all moved to Manchester where he started working at All Hallows’ School in September 1958.  

My grandparents lived in Northampton until they passed away around 1990, so I had many visits back to the town and walks past the Tech where my Dad told stories of how he and a couple of other teachers sneaking out in the afternoon to watch the cricket!  I’m pretty sure I remember the names of Percy Tomkins and Frank Harris being quoted. His County Ground recollection was that once as they bunked off (as teachers!) he was holding up traffic on St George's Avenue while his colleague reversed his car out of the school in order to drive to the match.  The only problem was it was the Headmaster’s car they had held up so I guess there were consequences.   

He always spoke highly of the place and particularly the calibre of staff that were there after the war.

My Dad passed away in 2003, my Mum (Maureen), a Northampton girl, is fit and fine living in West Wickham in Kent.
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