Barry Dearsley Remembers Staff from the 50's

Barry on the 1958 school photo
Barry Dearsley writes:  I was a pupil from 1955 to 1960 and am still in touch with many of my old school friends both girls and boys.  I enjoy the website but most of my tales do come from the girls reunions (my closest friend is still Jackie Kilborne ).

Our sports master was Garry Grimshaw who passed last year at the age of 93.  He was still well but a little away with dementia! By a strange twist of life my daughter is a District Nurse and was in touch with him right to the end when he passed.  Her head of year when she was at school was Bob Bunting our former Head Boy. I had evenings out with Bob at our club before his sad and sudden demise.  His nickname for his sins during my time was "Gritpype Thynne" after the goons.

We also had a French mistress Madamoiselle Ranier, and an art mistress called June Smithers, then two Welshmen, a Mr Mathews who taught English and his Mucker, Mr Mathias (chemistry).   Len Timms was Science and Mr Reynolds was metalwork.  Elsa Clegg was of course legend along with "Nylon Nellie" (Miss Wilkinson), the school secretary, so called for her thick lisle leg wear.   I came across Len Timms and Frank Wright in later years, not schoolmasters, but quite ordinary people really.

Mr Mathias had the nick name "gympy" as he owned a very old Austin 7 with a chemistry cork for a radiator cap which we lifted and carried somewhere else at end of term (it seemed a good idea at the time).

I fondly still remember "dog ends" 1/2 a ciggy and a bit of necking behind the bike sheds.

There are quite a few of my years still around, some I see more than others, but us chaps do not seem to keep in touch as much as the girls.  I consider myself one of the lucky ones, I am still around and in good health.

Barry added some more thoughts from the past

Looking through the trips for us "peasants", my only school trip was with the year all the way to darkest Leicestershire to Kirby Muxloe monastery and country park.  But, and here is the rub, girls were not allowed in the order buildings (how's that for planning).  Still the fish and chips in the city were alright!  

It is nice to know many of us are still around in this weird time.  Does anyone remember the Asian 'flu when we were at school?  Good for two weeks or more off, but do not worry about the three million or so of poor souls who did not recover!  

More cheerful to close.  As far as I know before this shut down Paul De Chastelain, Bob Merrey, Mick Munns, Rodney Hollis, Geoff Keates are still around but sadly Tony Sherwood and Colin Vince are no more.   Just left Jackie Kilborne cos I couldn't remember Jo Pickford's last name.
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