Sixth Form Zoology

Paul Mallard  (1965 - 1972) has sent in these photos from the sixth form zoology class.  The majority are from a field trip to Swanage in 1970/71 or 1971/72.  The captions are Paul's - click on any picture to see a larger image.

Rear - Left to right - Jim Rhodes, Paul (Mal) Mallard. 

Front - Janet Davies, Fred Brown

At Lulworth Cove - Fred Brown and Paul Mallard – bizarre graffiti reference to Stan Guffog, I can’t remember what that was all about.
Swanage field Trip - I think this was Kimmeridge bay or it could have been just around the Headland at Swanage bay.
Left to right - Malc, Fred, Uke, Bleep, Jim, Mal
Swanage. Malc Reeve practicing handwriting. Paul Mallard in background with a magnificent gesture - obviously something to do with the surveying and probably in metres.
More surveying at Swanage - Mal, Jim and Uke
Hike to Durdle Door from Lulworth - Jim and Mal
Uke doing his famous belly dancing impression and Fred Brown about to make a run for it.
Fred, Malc - I can’t think of any printable comments for this one
Finally someone’s pretending to do some real work. John Ager, Malc, Janet Davies, Bleep and Mal
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