School Camp to The Gower 1964

Ricky Summers Remembers the School Camp in 1964

Ricky (Trinity 1961-66) has also found a photo of the 1964 school camp on the Gower.  The only people he can recognise and can identify are:  far left Chris Clarke,  centre at very back Ray Draper,2nd from right Bob Dimmer.


Bill Rich has identified the following:  Very right is Brian Roberts and in front of Ray Draper is Phil Judd. Isn't it sad when one person cannot be identified!! I have an idea who it is - Trev Thompson. That is by looking at the 1963 photo Section 4 b3.


Linda Summers suggests that the last person left unidentified is Dave Shadrach (3rd from right).


Ray Draper writes (May 2021):  Really interested to see on the website this photograph of a few of us who went on the field trip to the Gower in about 1963. I see that Ricky Summers, who I remember very well, posted it. A couple of things that are interesting about this trip and the subsequent trip to Longtown which I think would’ve been about 1964.  

On the Gower trip I was put on jankers by the geography master for smoking. So I spent all day peeling spuds and cooking a stew. The following year on the trip to Longtown the same master ran out of fags, and in desperation came into my tent to ask if I had one to spare. Naturally I told him I’d given up.  

Also on that trip one of boys split on us for breaking the night time curfew and visiting the girls who were staying in the house. We were in the adjoining field. So we tied him naked to a tree and left him for an hour.  

Looking through the website it brings back many fond memories.

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