The Tenth Annual Trinity Tower Reunion

The Tenth Annual Trinity Tower Reunion took place on Saturday 10th November at The Cordwainer, Northampton.


Report of the Event

This was a very good reunion.  It had a lot of the right ingredients.  There were a total of 90 people there, which was a good number for the venue, although it can still take more.  There were a lot of new faces we had not seen at a reunion before.  There was a good span of people from the whole era, from Norman French who is a 49er to three 73ers.  There were two teachers who had come along for the first time, Mike Joy and David Spence, with David Baker coming along once again, having been to every reunion since 2006.   Sadly, Gary Grimshaw could not make it.  He had an infection on the Wednesday prior to the reunion and was then taken in to hospital on the Friday.  Everyone wishes him a speedy recovery.

See Who Came
Also, we had expected to have a trio playing us some music, but sadly, Mick did not make it back from Africa in time, and so the others were considering whether they could be a duo for the day, as Mick is their guitarist and vocalist, but then the final blow was that Chris had a minor accident at work and has a crack rib.  So, they were now unable to play!  A trio of one does not sound right!  Anyway, we hope that Mick gets back from Africa and Chris soon recovers.  Hopefully, they can play for us next year!

While mentioning things that did not work, let’s get it all out of the way first.  The car sharing idea failed.  We did not make any suitable pairings.  Oh well, it seemed a good idea at the time!

So, what went well – everything else!  The venue worked well for us again, and thanks to the staff for making the day go so well.  The food was good, and as usual everything is very reasonably priced.  With good beer at £1.78 a pint, who can complain?  Peter Austen manned the entrance, welcoming people and getting them signed in.  A mammoth task.  Ian wandered around for some of the time and paired off people who were still waiting for others to turn up, and David Baker went from table to table talking to as many people as possible.
Quite a lot of people were there early.  We had quite a few people already signed up before we officially opened!  In fact, we had a good crowd by 1pm – it was very busy.  There were quite a few people missing, as there were quite a few on holiday, but also The Saints kicked off at 1pm, so some people came after the match, although with several of them wishing they had not bothered to go after another loss!!   Holidays meant that there were a few 1963ers missing, but the 1973ers were depleted. 

Quite a few people had brought along old memories and photos and were happily looking at them with others.  One newcomer in the 1963 group had brought along his year book from the fifth form, complete with his original markings.  We soon noticed that there were a number of the girls who were marked with a small heart or sometimes two!  One girl with a heart symbol was coming along mid-afternoon.  Everyone was waiting for her to arrive.  I did not see that happen, as I was talking to some people on the opposite side of the room at the time, but even if I had been there, I would not have wanted to reveal all about this reunion after 49 years!

The two new teachers who came along were Mike Joy who was at the school from 1965 for many years and David Spence who joined in 1967 and stayed for 23 years, leaving in 1990.  It was very good to see them.  We would like to get more teachers along, although talking to Mike and also having heard from Bob Thorogood, who knows Gary Grimshaw very well, I found that both Mike and Gary were quite daunted by the prospect of coming along.  Would former pupils welcome them, or not?  The answer is a very clear yes.   We may not have always seen eye to eye with our teachers when at school, but that was a long time ago.  We can all enjoy the days of old now.

As it had got off to an early start, it also finished a little earlier than normal.  The 1970 group decided to go off for dinner a little earlier than previous years (all 10 of them), the 1964 group had already left for their pizza, and by 7pm, there was just Paul Boniface, David Baker and myself left, and we were outside by five past.  It had been a very good day, and thank you to everyone who came, and hope to see you all next year. 

Thanks also to Mary Evans.  As well as Peter Austen asking people to make a voluntary contribution, she went around shaking the money box, which incidentally was made by Dennis Rooke in woodwork many years ago.  The net result was a large collection of £137.14.  That is very welcome as the costs of running this website are going up and there are a few incidental expenses for the reunion, such as stationery, etc.  This donation will cover a significant part of the running costs for the coming year.  Thank you.

Talking of next year.  In the 1963 group we were discussing what is needed for next year.  These reunions all started in 2003 because it had been 40 years since we had left school or at least finished the fifth form in 1963.  Next year (sadly) it will be 50 years.  We will need to get as many people as possible from the 1963 year along to the event and make it a little special.  This year the 63ers were a little down on numbers due to people having booked holidays.  So having discussed it with Peter we decided on a change of plan for next year.  For the last three years we have set two dates at the beginning of the year, and then waited until early July, when the sporting fixtures are announced to fix the date to try to miss the Cobblers or Saints matches.  That means that some people had already booked a holiday by then. 

So, we have fixed the preliminary date for 2013 already (subject to venue availability, etc).  It will be the 9th November 2013.  So, for all members of the 1963 group, please start looking for former pupils from our year who may not have been before, or perhaps who we have not been since the original 2003 reunion and let’s get them along.  For everyone else, please make a note of the date.  It will get more publicity in the new year, but no reason not to put it in the diary now.  I mentioned earlier the 1966 group, who this year managed to get a lot of first-timers to the reunion.  If everyone who has been coming to our reunions for a few years now, tries to find one or two more people from their year to come along for next year, then we will have a bumper event.  I look forward to it.

Thanks again Peter for the organisation.  If you have some photos then please send them to me, and if you want to add a caption to the photos, then just give me the picture number (bottom right of the gallery) and the caption in an e-mail to 

For all those who gave me new material to put on the website, it will go on once I have completed the reconstruction of the Pupil Memories section.  Until that is complete I cannot add the new material.  It is taking me longer to do this very large section than I anticipated, but I hope it will be finished by the end of November.

Ian Dow
11th November 2012

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