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The Thirteenth Annual Trinity Tower Reunion

The Annual Trinity Tower Reunion took place on

Saturday 14th November 2015

Who Came
This is amazingly the 13th time we have held this reunion.  The first one in 2003 was meant to be a one-off!  The only one!   It is still going strong.

The Reunion was in a new venue, the Cheyne Walk Club.  This is not quite so near the centre of town, but still close enough to allow Northampton residents to get to it by public transport for no problems with drinking.  It was built in 1868, and was originally the home of the 1867 mayor of Northampton, James Norman, who was also a JP and local business owner.  The property then became the family home of the Church family (high quality shoes).  You can still see Alfred Church’s initials in the stained glass and also inscribed over the fireplace.  It is now a private members club, which was formed in 1929 originally for members of the Chamber of Commerce, and later accepted membership from the wider community of business owners, managers and leaders from the commercial, public and third sectors.

Year No Attending
Staff 1 *
1947 1
1950 1
1958 1
1959 1
1961 4
1962 7
1963 19
1964 9
1965 9
1966 19
1967 3
1968 10
1969 11
1970 4
1971 7
1972 3
1973 15
1974 8
1977 7
1979 2
Total 142
* Plus Dennis Rooke who is part of the 1962 group
The reunion was in the front function room, although as the club is very quiet on a Saturday, we also strayed in to the main bar.  That was good, as this was a record turnout!   Last year we broke the previous record, this year was much higher, with 142 people attending.  It would have been very tight in the function room, without us straying in to the main bar, although the space problem was also eased by the troubles at the Cobblers, as a number of people left at 2pm to go to the home game, as no-one knew what the future held for the Cobblers.  

This year we also had some younger people who came along, with people from 1977 and 1979.  They said they would come again and bring some friends.  We were also pleased to see once again Christopher Burrows and his wife.  He came two years ago for the first time.  Chris left the school in 1950, but he was not the earliest pupil there this year that honour goes to Terry Angier, who was at the school for just one year in 1947. 

We were also pleased to see David Baker once again.  He looks forward to the reunion every year, and many people spend hours talking to him.  As usual he arrived just at the start and stayed to the end. 

The table on the right shows the number of people who came from each of the school years.  I am pleased to say that once again my year, 1963, was the biggest number, although we had some last minute cancellations, or we would have had even more.   However, we were joined by 1966 as they too had 19 people, after I moved two people from 1965 to 1966 who were wrongly placed.  Other years had big groups too. 

At 2:30 we had a few words.  One big difference this year is that the venue has a public address system.  We have only ever had a pa system once before, so it was different that people could actually hear what was being said.  Peter Austen started by thanking people for coming, and mentioned the various celebrations this year, so for the 1965 group it was forty years since they finished, and for his own group (1970) many had passed the magic age of 60, and although they no longer got a bus-pass at 60, Peter had been able to get his rail card and had made good use of it!

I then thanked Peter for all his hard work in sorting out the new venue and organising the activities on the day, which is great help to me personally, as I do not live in Northampton.  I was then pleased to mention Christopher Burrows.   He went on a “School Journey” in 1948 [read] and staying in the same school trips accommodation was a school from Warwickshire.  One person from that school was a girl who later became his wife.  Two weeks before the reunion it was their Diamond Wedding and they have the telegram from the Queen to commemorate it.  Everyone was able to congratulate them. 

I also mentioned that later in the afternoon Peter and I were going to discuss whether to run the reunion again.  It is a lot of work, and I have been doing it since 2003 and Peter has done 6 reunions now.  We asked people to come and tell us their thoughts.  Despite the fact that no-one came and said, “No problem we will take it over”, we later decided to run it again next year (12th November).

Everyone went back to talking to their old school friends and the noise level went back to High.  One of the reasons that we decided to run it again is that many people came and said how much they liked the new venue, that the food was good, and how much they had enjoyed this year’s reunion.  That makes it worth doing again next year!

As usual we had a donation box.  This box was made in the school workshops for the tuck shop.  Each form had one for collecting the money for their break-time tuck.  This box was from Girls Form 1 [read more about the boxes].  The donations help to pay for the running of this website and the reunion itself.  This year the collection far exceeded anything collected before.  Peter mentions it to people as they arrive, and then later Mary Kelly (Mary Evans at school) goes round and “shakes the box”.  This year the collection was a massive £298.52.  Obviously, there were a lot more people at the reunion, but I think the fact that we had a new venue that people liked helped too, as £160 of this was in £5 and £10 notes.  Or maybe, it is the way Mary shakes the box!  Anyway, thank you.  There are costs to running the website and the reunion and your donations help to pay for that. 

This year we had a definite finish time of 6pm.  I think that was better than a slow decline, and it did mean that people tended to get there a little earlier while there was more people there.  Once it got to 6pm, several groups went off together to have a meal, and some went on long after that.  Three groups ended up in the same new Turkish restaurant on St Giles St, Pamukkale.  Ten of the 1963 group were there and had a great meal.  The place was packed, but I think it normally is.

An excellent day, even if I did have to drive this year.  See you next year.

Ian Dow

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