The Tower from Trinity Avenue
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The Fourteenth Annual Trinity Tower Reunion

The Reunion took place on Saturday 12th November 2016

Who Came
This was our fourteenth annual reunion.  A lot of people still come every year, when they can make it.  This year our numbers were down on the record attendance of last year, but maybe that had something to do with the Saints playing at home, and England playing at Twickenham.  There was still an excellent turnout, with 91 people there.  It had a great atmosphere this year.  It did not feel so crowded, which was partly due to the lower numbers, but also several groups set up in the bar, right from the start.  In fact, the younger members were in the bar and the older ones in the function room!  But, there was a lot of people going back and forth.
Some people arriving early had a shock.  The car park now had a pay machine, but just before the reunion officially opened at 12:30, the steward went out and put the cover on the machine.  Phew! 
Karen Dawson (class of 73) came along as usual this year, but brought her mother and aunt, who both went to Trinity.  Three years in one family.  There is a nice photo of them taken in the hallway in the photo gallery.
At 2:30 we had our usual 5 minutes of speeches.  Peter thanked everyone for coming and drew attention to the fact that 50 years ago the Class of 66 had been taking their O-Levels and the class of 64 had been taking their A-Levels.  He also noted that the Class of 73 were coming up for the age 60 this year, the class of 68 will be 65 and that the class of 63 were all reaching 70! 
I then thanked Peter for his hard work in running the Northampton end of the reunion and the activity on the day.  I also thanked him, through gritted teeth, for pointing out that I was fast approaching 70!   In fact, earlier in the week, I had done my medical to renew my C1 & D1 driving licence.  They take away your licence when you reach 70 and you must re-apply. 
Susan at the very first reunion in 2003
On a very sad note, Susan Harris, who was in the Class of 64, and who came to the reunions every year, sadly died a few weeks ago.  We will miss her.  The website item about Susan was on the wall for people to read, but you can see it [here].
I also said that Peter & I had discussed it earlier in the week, and had decided that we would run the reunion again next year, but Peter will be looking soon to hand over his responsibilities to someone new.  Perhaps it is time for someone from the younger attendees to take on running things in Northampton and on the day of the event.  Anyway, we had fixed a date for next year.  It will be in October, a month earlier.  For me the work is in the run up to the reunion, and this week had been very bad, as I was running a conference in Edinburgh, and will be doing so at the same time next year, so I needed to change the date.  Having the Reunion in October, means that we are still on summer time for those who must travel, so the date was set for 14th October 2017.  It is likely we will return to the same venue (need to check they want us!).
It felt like people stayed much longer this year – well apart from those who dashed off to Franklyn’s Gardens, although quite a few came back again afterwards.
As usual, the wooden money box for the tuck shop, that had been made in the workshops in the 50’s was there so that people could make a donation towards the running costs.  Mary Kelly (Evans) went around as usual “shaking the tin”.  The collection has never been so large.  We have never had any £10 note before, but there were a number this year.  Thank you for all of you for your generous donations.  I will receive the invoice in the next few days for the hosting fees for the website in 2017, so paying will be easy. 
Just after 6pm we wound up the Reunion, but then 22 of us went to the Turkish restaurant Pammukkale in St Giles St for a meal afterwards.   As we were such a large group in a very popular restaurant, and we changed the number of people going during the afternoon, we could only have the table for 90 minutes, despite booking in advance, but the service is very efficient and the food good, so it was very enjoyable, and most of the group went on to the famous Wig & Pen afterwards for one last drink (or perhaps more) before heading home.  That was the end of the great day (well not quite, it is still an hour and a quarter drive home, but my wife did that very well, while I dozed).
The 1964 group also went out for a meal, but not sure yet where they went.
The reunion went well once again, and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible again next year.  There was one problem.  I sat there fairly late in to the afternoon, enjoying myself, when it suddenly dawned on me that I needed to take some photos.  Quite a few people had already left by then.  There are fewer photos in the gallery this time, and almost none of my own year.  Please send me some!!  Please send in the photos that you took to

Ian Dow

Photo Gallery

Below are the first photos of the event.  There are 35 photos so far.  Click on the smaller images to see a large version.  If you wish to download a copy for yourself, then use the larger image.  Use the slide bar to move the images along.