The Tower from Trinity Avenue
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The Fifteenth Annual Trinity Tower Reunion

Will take place on Saturday 14th October 2017

Date: 14th October 2017
Time: 12:30 - 6pm
Venue: Cheyne Walk Club, Cheyne Walk, Northampton
Booking: Booking will open early in September
Cost: Donations only towards the cost of the event and running this website.
Amazingly, this is the Fifteenth Annual Reunion.  When I started them in 2003, it was going to be strictly a one-off.  Now, Peter Austen does the hard work on the day and organises things in Northampton before the event, so I can enjoy the day much better myself.

We have brought the date forward this year to October, which is the month we first started with.  It was pushed back to November, as October gave me some admin problems.  Those have now gone away, so we decided to bring it forward again.  Many people said they preferred October, as we did not get mixed up with the Christmas rush.

This year's reunion is returning again to the Cheyne Walk Club in Cheyne Walk, Northampton.  That venue seems to work much better for us.  It has a great atmosphere as they allow us to drift in to the main bar as well, which makes much more space available.  As last year, there will be food available.  You can order what you want from the menu at the bar, and pay for it and it will be brought to you. 

The start time will be 12:30 and we will finished at 6pm.  Please do not arrive too early, as Peter & I are still setting up, as we only get half an hour between the doors being opened and the start time of the reunion.

We are hoping that David Baker will be able to join us again this year.  More news nearer the time.

Parking is available at the venue on a first come, first served basis, but there has usually been enough.  Most people don't want to bring a car!

A map of how to find the Cheyne Walk Club, if you have not been before can be found [here]

Every year we get some newcomers.  That is great.  If you have not been to one of our reunions before, then give it a try.  It is very informal, we have people there from most of the years of school from the late 40's through to the mid-70's.  We don't organise any games or other activities, we just provide the opportunity to catch up on the people you knew at school.  And don't think the talk is just about the old days at school, because it is not.  try it - we are sure you will enjoy it.  There is a few words given at around 2pm, but that is the only formality and it does not last long. 

From early September, you will be able to see a growing list of who is coming, so that you can see who will be there that you know.  Booking for the reunion will open in early September.

I will add an up-to-date menu of the food available nearer the time.

Looking forward to seeing as many people there as possible.  Come along and make it another great reunion. 

Ian Dow