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Trinity Reunions in 2018

As announced at the end of the Annual Trinity Tower Reunion in October 2017, there will not be a full school reunion in 2018.  However, several year groups are looking at the organising their own.

Details of planned reunions will be shown here.  If you are organising a reunion for a year group, then please send the details to and it will be added here.

Details of reunions already planned are shown below.  Click on the name of the Reunion to see the details.




Class of 63 Reunion   24th July 2018 Read the report below Click [here]
Class of 68 Reunion   13th October 2018 For those who finished the fifth form in 1968
Class of 62 Reunion   9th November 2018 For those who finished the fifth form in 1962

Class of 62 Reunion

Colin Skears writes:   A small group of the 1962 Fifth Form leavers are planning a get together:

Date: 9th November 2018
Time: 12:30pm
Location: THE LUMBERTUBS pub restaurant, Northampton [go]

So far we have 8 members of that year wishing to attend.  If any other Trinity students from that group would like to join us please contact Colin. 

Apart from myself the following have come forward. R.V. JONES; Michael Kingston; Dennis Rooke; Michael McMahon; Tom Mace; Peter Holden; Tony Shaw, Richard Pomeroy. Paul Boniface from year 1963 will also be sneaking in as a personal friend of a number of the group.

I know there are more of you out there, so get your zimmer frame out and come along! PLEASE.

Class of 68 Reunion

A mini reunion has been organised for the Class of 68.  (Those pupils that finished the 5th form in July 1968).  This reunion is being organised by Tony Drake.  If you would like to attend this reunion and were in that year, then please contact Tony at

The details are:

Date: Saturday 13th October 2018
Format: Drinks followed by a long lunch and more drinks and plenty of discussion and laughter
Start Time: From 1pm
Lunch served: Table Booked for 2pm
Approx finish time: Good Question
Venue 1: Meet for drinks at the Cheyne Walk Club, 2 Cheyne Walk Northampton NN1 5PU
Venue 2: Nuovo Tapas Restaurant, 104 Abington Street, Northampton, NN1 2BP
Restaurant website:   [website

Class of 63 Reunion

A mini-reunion was organised for the Class of 63.  (Those pupils that finished the 6th form in July 1963) and took place on the 24th July at the Hopping Hare.

The afternoon started at the bar just before 12:30.  There were 22 people attending, of which 14 were former pupils and 8 were partners who had not been to Trinity.  After drinks and the initial catch-up we sat down for a two-course lunch.  The food was very good and the chat became louder as we finished the main course.  Rita Humber (as was) brought along some photos that people looked over (they will appear on the website later) and Gordon Bromage had found his old diaries.  He showed a couple of pages to Bob & Val Bierton (was Clarke).  There was an entry for 23rd July 1961, which described a day out, and said that Bob had first met Val on that day.  That was 57 years and one day ago!

Mary had come the furthest distance from Southern Ireland, but Gordon had come from Preston by the train and was going back afterwards.  Steve & Maureen had come up from the South Coast, with no thanks to the A34.

After lunch at 3pm, we went on a surprise visit.  Mike Edmunds had offered to give us a tour of Northampton in his beautifully restored Northampton Transport double decker bus (that many of us went on at the reunion in 2007).  Everybody had jumped at the chance when asked at the start of the lunch.  Mike gave us a great tour of the town, which to many of us, who no longer live in Northampton, it was very interesting, if some of it was pretty sad!   The tour lasted an hour and was excellent.  It had been unexpected as Mike does not live in Northampton, and was unexpectedly in town and made the much valued offer.  A big thank-you to Mike for providing the tour. 

Mike's bus (BNH246C) entered service in March 1965, the year that those of us who went on to the sixth form finished at the school.  Very appropriate.

After we got back around 4:15, most people left, as they had journeys to make, but 5 of us stayed until 6pm.  A great day.  The list of people who came is below, plus the photos. 

Sheila Bazelely
Bob Bierton

Val Bierton
Paul Boniface
Gordon Bromage
Peter Chillingsworth
Ian Dow
John Ingham
Ann Jehan
Mary Kelly

Maureen Kirby

Stephen Kirby
Rita Phillips
Nick Smith