The Annual Trinity Tower Reunion

Covid-19 Update.

I am sorry to have to tell you that the decision has been taken to postpone the Annual Trinity Tower Reunion planned for the 10th October.  An alternative date has been booked, and rather than delay it for a whole year, decided to try a Spring Date, so the new date for the Reunion is 22nd May 2021.  Of course, that too will be subject the situation at that time.  

I went to Northampton on Friday as it was time to make a decision on whether the Reunion could go ahead.  I took a look at the venue and discussed the rules with the landlady, Suzy, to see if it could work and also met with Karen Dawson.  We concluded that we did not see the requirements for social distancing changing very much between now and the 10th October.  At a Reunion we always gather in groups and move around from one group to another.  With the current rules, although any pub has no limit to the total number of people in the building, the social distance rules mean that people will have to be seated at tables, with only two households per table.  At a reunion, there is usually only one person per household, so that would be only 2 people per table.  The spacing needed between tables would drastically reduce the number of people that could be allowed.  People would also not be able to swap tables, so as a Reunion it would not work.  There is also a question-mark about how many people would be able to attend with their own personal shielding and some people may not want to attend a gathering of a big group of people.  It was the best decision for the current situation.  

Sorry to have to bring you this news but hope that we will be able to go ahead in May and that you will be able to make the new date of 22nd May 2021 and have a “proper reunion”.  

I hope that you are all keeping safe and very well and look forward to seeing you next Spring.  I will let you know if the situation changes.

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Ian Dow   9th August 2020

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