The Return of the Trinity Tower Reunion 2021

After a four year gap, the multi-year TrinityTower Reunion returned in 2021.

The reunion took place at the Old White Hart, Cotton End, Far Cotton on 9th October.  The reunion ran from 1pm to 6pm, and afterwards 23 people went to Jynja, Jynja, an Indian restaurant at the lower end of Bridge St for dinner.  Both the reunion and the dinner had a great atmosphere and the food at the restaurant was good and the service very efficient and accommodating.  The new venue, suggested by Karen Dawson, was a great success.  Karen also suggested the restaurant and made all the local arrangements.

The reunion started at 1pm.  The number of people was a little lower than previous reunions, as sadly we suffered quite a lot of cancellations from people who had been in contact with Covid.  There were also several cancellations from people with other health issues.  There are a lot of these sort of problems around at the moment.  The function room helped with making the atmosphere feel good, even though we could have fitted in a lot more people.  The tables had been set out to match the expected number of people.  We had good representation from most years.    There were 66 people attending.  The list of people attending is available from the button on the right.  

Who came
I made my usual speech.  This year, I reviewed some of the statistics from past reunions and then announced that although I have announced this twice before, this time I meant it, and this would be the last reunion I would organise.  If people wanted them to continue, then someone else would need to take it on.  At nearly 75, and after 18 years, I was starting to wind down towards retirement.  It is good to have change, as someone new will bring new ideas and help attract more people.

And, talking about things getting old, I reminded people that the website, which runs on very obsolete technology would be closing at the end of November.  If you want to download a copy or get a memory stick or memory card, then please make sure that you are either on the TrinityHigh Facebook Group or that I have your current e-mail address.  Many of the addresses that I have are now out of date.  People change addresses quit often  The e-mail address will also disappear by mid-December, but I will set up a different address.   Converting the wesbite to run on people’s own devices rather than on the Internet will take me some, so I do not expect it to be available until around the end of the year or early next.  More details will be on Facebook and in the last-ever newsletter in late November.

I thanked Karen Dawson for helping me set up this reunion and Suzy the landlady of the Old White Hart for allowing us to change the date so many times and accommodating our needs.   

Peter Austen stepped in and provided great support and assistance the first time I “retired” in 2010.  For 8 years he made all the arrangements in Northampton and ran the event on the day.  Thank you, Peter, without Peter’s help, the reunions would have stopped long ago.  

Over the years we have had some competitions, a vintage bus ride on the forbidden No 14 route, school tours of both the old school and the new school.  We had a big Birthday cake to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Tower.  Many people have helped along the way, and I would like to thank them all, with a special mention for Janet Anderson, who provided so much information for the website.  

I went on to thank three people, all from my year, 1963.  Mary Kelly has pushed me from the very first reunion in 2003.  That was meant to be the one and only reunion that I ever organised, and she persuaded me to do one in 2004, and ever since.  She has also done a great job in shaking the tin and collecting money to help offset some of my costs.  Without Mary, there probably would have only been one reunion.  

I could not finish without talking about the two Johns, John Ingham and John Child.  They both helped set up the very first reunion in 2003.  I thanked John Ingham for his ongoing support and mentioned that he and I had set up a Trinity Caravanners club.  It only has two members, him and I, but we usually go caravanning together once per year. Thank you John. 

John Child helped set up the 2003 Reunion, and made a dart board with an image of Gunner Wright on it and organised a competition to see who could throw darts at the man and score the most points.  John was not a fan of Gunner (he was not the only one).  John was also a huge bus enthusiast and owned a vintage Northampton bus and spent a lot of his free-time working on bus restoration and for the Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society.  John wrote a section on Transport to School for the website.  Sadly, John died last November from a burst Aortic Aneurism.   John is sadly missed, and I wanted specially to remember him today.  

I have enjoyed the last 18 years.  I left school not wanting to ever see the place again.  These reunions, my study of the history over the last 18 years has changed my perspective.  I would never say “schooldays were the best days of my life, as they definitely were not, but I can see the better side now, as it gave me a good start in life.  It has given me a different perspective.

You will be pleased to know that during the Reunion and at the dinner several people were discussing taking up the challenge of organising the next reunion.  Let’s hope they do.  In future any such organisation would be done be via the Facebook Group, as the website will have gone.  If you are not a member of that Group, please consider joining it.  Facebook is not as bad as people make it out to be and has a lot of benefits.  

Despite me asking her not to, Mary went around shaking the tin and collected an amazing £270.  Costs have been heavy this year, because of the old technology of the website, so that will go some way to offsetting it all.  Thank you all.  

I hope to see many of you in the future.

If you would like to add to this write up or add photos, please send them to the usual address.

At the Restaurant


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