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School reunions are a way of keeping in touch once in a while with the people who you knew at school.  How are they doing and what are they doing?  It is nice to simply get together again from time to time.

There are those that say "I would never want to go to a school reunion - that is all in the past".   I certainly used to be one of those, but having now organised quite a few of them, I am a convert.  I enjoy meeting up with the people I knew at school once a year, to renew old friendships, and of course we talk about the old days, but so what, we also talk about today and the future as well.  I would never say that school days were the happiest days of my life, because they weren't, but I enjoy meeting the friends I knew then, and the memories of the things that I hated about school, have long since faded.  If you want to see what went on at some of these reunions, then use the links below.  If you want to see what is planned in the future, then click on "Future Reunions".  If you have not been to a reunion before, then I hope to see you at one sometime soon.

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The Annual Trinity Tower Reunion

There have been a number of different types of reunion held since the start of 2003.  The best known and most regular is the Annual Trinity Tower Reunion.   In addition, there have been the "Twenty Year Reunions" for the Class of 1964, the Class of 76, the Class of 70, the Class of 49, and so on.  You can access reports to all of these reunions from the links on the Past Reunions page from the button above.

The Annual Trinity Tower Reunion started in 2003.  In fact, it all began slightly earlier at the end of 2002.  I had just signed up for Friends Reunited, having previously not been the slightest bit interested in school days at all.  Within a day John Ingham had been in touch and a few days later John Child also got involved.  We met up for lunch in March 2003 and one of the topics of conversation was the fact that it would be 40 years in July that year since we completed the fifth form at Trinity.  We decided to run a 40 year anniversary reunion which would be open to anyone who had been at the school in 1963.  We used the Conservative Club on the corner of Trinity Avenue and St Georges Ave as a venue, had a tour of the old school, before they started knocking it down, and then had a lot of quizzes, games and a buffet organised.  We had to turn people away, as the venue had a maximum limit of some 95 people.  The day was a great success, and was completed by the playing of the song Goodbyee, by Pete & Dud, that well known tune that was played instead of the usual music as Buzzer and the head girl walked towards the platform for the final morning assembly on the last day of term in July 1963.  It did not go down well with Buzzer, but it made the rest of us laugh!

Towards the end of that first reunion Mary Evans (now Mary Kelly), who had been on the Bud all day, kept bending my ear about the need to do it again next year.  I was adamant that it had been hard work and that this was my one and only reunion.  Of course, with the power of Bud, she was even more persuasive than normal, and I agreed to look into it, but only on the basis that they must be simple to organise.

The Anniversary CakeWhat I needed was a venue that could accommodate some 100 people, and yet could provide food on demand without the need to pre-order and pay before the event, and it needed to be free or maybe just a deposit, to avoid collecting money in advance, a chore that is always extremely painful.  It also needed to be central so that those that wanted to use public transport, to avoid the problems of driving, were able to.  Since I do not live in Northampton, Bob Bierton offered to go and find a venue.  He eventually found the pub that later became known as the Old Bank, and the second reunion was set up, and the range of years widened to include anyone from the pre-comprehensive era.  The pub could handle food ordered at any time, and they only charged me a deposit, which provided we spent enough money and did not wreck the place, I got back.  I always did!!  At its peak we have had 110 people at a reunion. 

In 2007 we had a 50 year anniversary celebration, for the opening of the new Tower and the other school buildings in 1957.  We had a birthday cake and Mike Edmunds brought his fully restored Northampton bus along for the second time, and took people on the old number 14 route for a tour of the modern school. 

In 2010 we moved to a new venue the Cordwainer, with a new organiser Peter Austen.  He is now organising the reunion itself, and I handle the administration and the publicity.  It works well.  After the re-launched reunion in 2010, everyone was keen to have another, so there was one in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  In 2015 we moved to another new venue, the Cheyne Walk Club.  We continued to hold it at the Cheyne Walk Club in 2016 and 2017. 

Sadly, the 2017 reunion was the last one for the time being, unless we get another volunteer to run it.  Perhaps it was time for a break, as one person wrote this year - "Not coming this year, having a year off".  Maybe we all need a break.  We expect smaller reunions to continue.  Lets hope so.

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