The School Scrapbook

In this section of the website you will find material taken from the school archives and from other sources.  A separate section has the scrapbook material relating to the period from 1974 to 2004.  There is material in a range of folders, but there is a large amount of material in a very large "Scrapbook".  There are three pictures of the Scrapbook, with one at the bottom of the page.

The items in the index below are arranged in approximate date order.  Since many of the entries in the school scrapbook are undated their publication date is sometimes an estimate.  To view entries in the scrap book either select the items you want to view from the index below by clicking on the arrow.  You will find these indexes by selecting a topic from the buttons on the left.  You can start from the very first item, by clicking on the Start at the Beginning button above, and simply click on the right hand arrow at the bottom of the page.  The upward arrow will take you back to this home page and the left arrow to the previous article.  The number of pages in our scrapbook will continue to grow.  If you want to view the latest items added, then click on the Latest Items button above.

On scrapbook pages, the abbreviation C&E means that it was published in the Northampton Chronicle and Echo.  Some of the items in the scrap book have dark smudges on them.  This is where the glue that holds the original into the school scrap book is showing through the aging paper.

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