Go There Now Mr Burn, Maths Teacher taken in 1958
Go There Now School Assembly in 1958
Go There Now School Prefects in 1960
Go There Now Photos from the "Official School Photographer".  Photos from 1962/63
Go There Now Midsummer Meadows Swimming Pool 14 July 1964
Go There Now School Prefects 1963/64
Go There Now Newspaper photo of Eleanor Church  June 1966
Go There Now A Photo published recently of Taffy Newell presenting to two pupils.
Go There Now The School Library in 1972
Go There Now Mary Kelly (now Mary Evans) found her old School Blazer Badge and brought it along to the 2005 Reunion.
Go There Now Mr Gosling, our school caretaker is still going strong in 2008.  Here he is pictured in the C&E on 26th June.
Go There Now Eric Gosling, the long serving school caretaker, celebrates his 90th Birthday.
Go There Now Portrait of Mr. Howard that hung in the school for many years.