Mr P J Harris Dies

This cutting appeared in the C&E, but I am not too confident about the date.  Pip Harris officially stepped down as deputy headmaster in 1972, but he was ill for some time during the latter part of his tenure, and Mr Timms became acting deputy headmaster.  As a result, this report is probably from late 1972.  Steve Boyce added extra information in Sept 2013.  He says:  "Pip" Harris death was registered in the December Quarter of 1972 and therefore he must have died in 1972 most likely Oct, Nov, Dec although a death in late September may not be registered until Oct.  Death registration gives his date of birth as 22 April 1914.  At the bottom of the page is a note produced for the school morning assembly the day after he died.

Trinity Grammar School

Deputy Head Dies


MR. Peter Joseph Harris, deputy headmaster of Trinity Grammar School, Northampton, author and magistrate has died at the age of 58. He had been ill for just over a year.


Mr. Harris had been a teacher in Northampton for 35 years. He was educated at Northampton Grammar School and went to St. Mark's and St. John's College Chelsea, to take his BSc in Economics, subsequently gaining his MSc at the London School of Economics. He then held appointments at the Grammar School and Kettering Road Senior School until early in the war when he joined the Radar Section of the RAF, rising to the rank of Squadron Leader.


On his return he joined the staff of the Northampton Technical High School, now Trinity Grammar School, where he specialised in economics and geography, later becoming careers master. In 1968 (see footnote below) he was appointed deputy headmaster and in the same year a magistrate but he relinquished this position in 1971.


In collaboration with Mr. P. W. Hartop he wrote a new history of Northamptonshire which was published in 1950. This book "Northamptonshire; its Land and People," was originally, intended for school use and most of the copies were taken up by the Education Authorities leaving only a few for sale to the public.


Another book, "Careers Work in Schools" which Mr. Harris edited, was Published in 1970.

In 1956 he wrote a short history of Christ Church commemorating its golden jubilee year. He was a sidesman at Abington Parish Church where he worshipped for many years.


He played bowls and was a long standing member of the County Ground Bowling Club.

A prominent Freemason, he had been Master of Eleanor Cross Lodge and one of the founder members of Abington Lodge. In 1971 he was made a Provincial Grand Lodge Officer. 


He was also one of the founder members of the scheme for the new Masonic Building.


Mr. Harris lived at 3 Woodland Avenue and is survived by his widow Kathleen and son Paul.


The funeral service will be held on Tuesday at Abington Parish Church.

Footnote:  The original article said that he was appointed both deputy head and a magistrate in 1963, but the school records show that he became deputy head in 1968.  It is therefore not clear when he was actually appointed a magistrate.


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