Vandal Attack

This item appeared in November 1970

THE sports pavilion at Trinity Grammar School, Northampton, was gutted by fire last night.

Firemen arrived at the blaze soon after it started at 9.20 pm, but were unable to prevent the building being reduced to a blackened mess.

Deputy headmaster, Mr. P. J. Harris would neither confirm nor deny a rumour that the fire was started deliberately. "We have our suspicions but do not wish to say anything for insurance reasons."

The building was built more than five years ago, and was made entirely of wood. It contained cricket and athletic equipment, and a number, of tubular chairs, the total value has not yet been estimated, but is thought to run into hundreds of pounds.

There were no pupils in the school grounds at the time, but caretaker Mr. Gosling, who lives opposite at 140, Balfour Road, had shortly before gone off duty.

"I looked round and it was well alight. A neighbour telephoned the fire brigade, but although they were at the scene for more than one-and-a half hours, they could not do anything about it," he said.

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