Len Timms Retirement Party

Len Timms, was known as "Tiger" up until 1974 and then became "Tigger" after that.  He left the school after a long career in 1988.  They held a retirement evening for him at the Masonic Hall, Northampton.  There were some failry long speeches the Laurence Lloyd Singers (Stephen Meakins being one of the two leaders of this group – his middle name being “Lloyd”) sang to him an amazing little “ditty” which had been composed by Stephen based entirely around the two words “Tigger Timms”.

I recently found a video of the evening.  It is not the greatest quality, but is now available.  The video lasts for 54 minutes and might be a bit long for many people.  Use of the Fast Forward facility may be useful for some. 

Watch the video  [go]

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