Tony Chater

Tony Chater was a Chemistry teacher at Trinity from 1957 for approximately 2 years.  He then went to a school in Norwich and then a technical college in Luton, where he stayed until 1969. 

After that he began his more famous period.  He became the Chair of the British Communist Party, stood unsuccessfully more than once as an MP.  He then became the party's full time press and publicity officer, but in 1974 he became the editor of the Communist Daily Newspaper the Morning Star, a post he held for 20 years.

Tony died on 2nd August 2016, aged 86.   His obituary appeared in the Daily Telegraph.  You can read it here [go]  It is very interesting.

There is also a little more about him on Wikipedia [here]

Thanks to Dave Thacker for spotting this obituary.

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