Presentation to Northampton General Hospital

The volunteer Archivist at Northampton General Hospital came across the photo below this week (8th Feb 2018).  On the back it simply had written Trinity Grammar School.  She wondered if I could shed any light on it.

The person on the left of the picture is Dr Alan Lodge consultant anaesthetist at NGH.  Obviously the person on the right is Pip Harris.  A quick search of the website showed that in the Tower magazine for 1970 there was an item on the donation of a Loosco Amsterdam Infant Ventilator.  It does not say exactly when it was presented, but as the magazine would have been published in July 1970, it would presumably have been within the previous 12 months.  The Tower Magazine can be found [here]

Sue Longworth is an Archive Volunteer at the Northampton General Hospital, who sent me the photo.  She has written:  I am very grateful for all this background information on this photograph. Since the foundation of the first infirmary in 1744 the hospitals have been dependent on the huge input both voluntarily and financially to continue running and improving their services. This effort by pupils is yet another example.

Best wishes and thanks, Sue

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L to R: Dr Alan Lodge (consultant anaethetist), Rosie Summerford, Pip Harris

Rosie Summerford was a pupil at Trinity before she became a nurse.  She attended from September 1960, was a prefect in 1965/66 and left in July 1966.  She and Jill Askens both became nurses at Northampton General Hospital and worked on the George and Elizabeth Ward.   Rosie appears on the 1963 School photo.  She is in location C5 [go].  She has been identified by a number of people through the TrinityHigh Facebook Group.  Thank you.

David Bunker remembers the Charity Collecting.  He recalls:

When I was at Trinity (from 1966 to 1973) the pupils were encouraged to raise money in support of a specific charity of which the appeal to raise funds for the infant ventilation was one example in I think school year 1969/1970 (which would tie in with the article in the Tower).  Other examples were the purchase of a Guide dog puppy and a horse drawn trap for Princess Marina Hospital.  Collections were made on a form by form basis in a green wooden box (very similar to the one used to collect contributions at the reunion – in fact I think that is what its purpose was certainly in my time at school rather than a tuck shop tool).

I thought that the collection effort normally took place in the second half of the Autumn term with the presentation of the funds raised just before Christmas. Although one year I recall running a football sweep based on the number of goals scored in a particular week’s league matches and being plagued by the fact that for 2 or 3 weeks a very large proportion of matches were postponed due to bad weather (waterlogged pitches and the like) which I think was in February or March so that would put the fund raising effort in the Spring Term.

Although I suspect that a piece of medical equipment would be relatively expensive and so the fundraising effort may have extended over two terms.  If this was the case the ventilator would have been presented in March 1970.  Easter appearing to be early that year.
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