A FORMER pupil of Trinity High School is now a disc jockey with the BBC, presenting one of Radio 1's POP programmes.

He is Bob Harris (23), son of former Detective Inspector Bryn Harris and Mrs. Harris, of Bramley Close, Cogenhoe.

He began his first regular Radio 1 programme last week when he took over the Monday edition of 'Sounds of the. Seventies,' previously introduced by David Symons.

Mr. Harris, who has lived in London for four years, started his career in the journalistic field, and first came into contact with Radio 1 when he wrote a magazine article about disc jockey John Peel.  In 1968 he teamed' up with Tony Elliott and began 'Time Out in London', a magazine, leaving after a year.



Two nights a week for a month, equipped with a mobile discotheque, he did a series of lectures for the students of The Royal College of Art and had some marvellous plans for developing themes which unfortunately became impossible when his equipment was stolen.

He then decided to make his career as a disc jockey working in clubs in London and Birmingham.  While doing this he sent an audition tape to the BBC which made no headway.

His chance, however, came when he was commissioned to write a magazine article about Radio 1 and he met BBC producers and personalities.  Jeff Griffin, producer of the John Peel 'Sunday Concert' had heard of his previous work and asked him to do a pilot tape.



Bob made his Radio 1 debut when he took over the Wednesday edition of' 'Sounds of the Seventies' for four weeks, from August19 to September 9 while John Peel was on holiday.

Bob told me from his London home today: "When David Symons resigned from the BBC I was asked to take over, presumably on the basis of my summer stint.  I have contracted to do the programme to the end of the year."

His Wife, Sue, is the daughter of Mrs. S. Tillson, of Rowan Avenue, Northampton. They are expecting, their first child on November 21.

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