A Naval Rating Visits Trinity School

The photograph below was in the Chronicle & Echo on Saturday 10 January 2009.  It was titled "A Naval rating visits Trinity School"  It was taken 12th July 1967. 

In February 2010 I received an e-mail from Mike Horne.  Mike was in the fifth form in 1964/65 and spotted himself recently on the website.  He is the Naval Rating in the middle.

Mike says:  The naval rating is me!!!  Mick Horne, class of 1965 - I was MADE to go by the navy as I left school under a black cloud and was not too keen to return...........however, it was taken after I'd been out to Singapore for 18 months, following a years training so I didn't really know any pupils at the school.

After spending my youthful years pushing submarines around, I went off to the Middle East (Abu Dhabi) for 10 years, came back to England at the end of the 1st Gulf war (1991), but only stayed for 2 years before moving to the USA.  Spent five years in Denver, 3 years in Phoenix and moved to Edinburg, Virginia (a small town 100 miles SW of Washington DC) in 2000.

Spent my life in Information Technology rising to some reasonable management positions.  Retired in 2004 for the first time but the wife had other ideas and started a tea room.  We finished that at Christmas 2009 and now have time on my hands to catch up with all the other things in life.

Do you recognize anyone else in the photo?

Left to Right : Margaret Crawley ?, Marie Martin, Sheila Irons, Michael Daly. Mike Horne (the Naval Rating) and Davis far right.

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