Looking Back in the Chronicle & Echo

Pete Chillingsworth saw this cutting in the Chronicle & Echo in their feature "Looking Back".  

This photo shows the Fairway Folk Group at a coffee evening at the NAYC House on 4th November 1968.  The photo was identified by Anne Miller (formerly Toseland). 

Back row: Bruce Wykes and David Baker

Front row:  Barbara Crawley and Anne Toseland

Anne says:  The group was formed at Trinity High School, where Bruce, Barbara and I were pupils and David Baker (with the guitar) was the music master at the school. 

Suzanne Croft (nee de la Mare) also recognised David Baker and saw him at a school reunion two years ago.

Tony Ward  recognised organist John Bertalot in this shot taken on 7th January 1964.  Tony writes: John Bertalot was organist and choirmaster at St Matthews Church from the early to the late 1960's.  He was succeeded by Michael Nicholas. 

John Bertalot also taught music at Trinity Grammar School during the same period.  I was among his pupils.  I remember one humorous episode when he left the classroom for a short period.  To entertain us he left a tape machine playing an excerpt of a Cambridge review (he was educated at Cambridge University).  After a while there was a sketch that was not deemed suitable for our 14-year-old ears.  Mr bertalot burst into the room and immediately hit the "stop" button on the tape recorder, just before the naughty bit.  We never did find out the content of the sketch and the reason for his anxiety. 

Mr Bertalot was a good-natured, civilised man.

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