The Hall Curtains

Janet Anderton wrote this item:

The School Hall when it opened in 1958

The School Hall at the time of opening in 1958

Having been in place since at least the opening of the new school, the brick-red patterned hall curtains were in a sorry state of repair and so, during the 1980's it was decided to replace them.  An innovative fund-raising scheme was set in place by the Parent Teachers Association, whereby anyone who contributed money towards the replacement of the curtains would have their name inscribed on a plaque which would be hung on the wall in the entrance hall.  Participants, eager to get their name inscribed for posterity, soon raised the money and within a few months, the new curtains were proudly hung around the sides of the hall and across the stage. 

A very short time passed and the annual School Fayre took place on a Saturday afternoon.

When we all trooped into school on the following Monday, we could see something didn't look quite right, but we couldn't make out what was different.  Suddenly someone realised that the hall and stage were totally bereft of curtains and it was believed that someone had hidden themselves away after the Fayre and stolen them! 

With just enough money remaining, it was left to a member of the PTA to approach the elderly retired lady who had spent days and days cutting up and sewing the material into curtains, to see if she would make some more.  She had already said that she never wanted to sew up any more curtains in her life, so you can imagine her horror when she was asked to do the job all over again.

There was no truth in the rumour which swept through the school following the theft of the curtains that each house at Church Brampton had sets of identical curtains hung at their windows!!   [The then headmaster lived there]

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